Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shine on, Shine on Crescent Moon...

My husband slipped out of the house before sunrise yesterday to catch a business flight.  He called shortly afterward to tell me about the sliver of a moon in the morning sky. "Make sure you go out and see it," he said. the time I packed lunches, rounded up shoes, fixed hair, and sent my children off to school, the moon had slipped away and the sun was up.  Maybe another day...

Mulling over the moon reminded me of Crescent Moon.  I resolved to tangle my own moons...

I liked the idea of using the tangle to fill in spaces on a larger pattern.   For my first tile, I drew Fengle then filled in the negative spaces with Crescent Moon.

Adele Bruno, CZT
Crescent Moon gives this tile the 'weight' it needs and even seems to add more movement to the already wispy Fengle.

Next, inspired by an idea from Maria Thomas,

I drew a string line and then tangled Crescent Moon in each section and the string became the negative space.

Then I referenced Yoga for the Brain (pg.4), where Sandy Bartholomew uses Crescent Moon to illustrate how auras can be used on patterns.

For my next tile, I used these variations:

I began by drawing a border, then I layered rows of the each of the three variations, working toward the center, until the space was filled.

Now that's a happy tile!  I like that you have to study it a bit to even know that it is Crescent Moon

If, like me, you missed the moon in the morning - or evening sky - today, tangle a few of your own! 

*Crescent Moon and Fengle are official Zentangle patterns.


  1. Beautiful tiles - and a great reminder to revisit Crescent Moon, which was one of the first tangles I learned, it's easy to forget the early ones when later ones take over!

  2. You have totally blown me away here Adele! I have to pin that first tile, how awesome that would look enlarged as an art piece on a wall! And I totally love that last happy tile, seriously happy! Looks like I need to order another book then! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. Crescent moon is such a great tangle for adding depth, which you really see in your third tile! Really enjoyed these.