Last year, while camping with our daughter Isabella, I snapped a picture of this 'potato vine'.

Although very pretty, it is a nuisance here in Florida.  Not indigenous to the States, it was brought here from Asia in the early 1900's.  Its rapid growth and ability to choke out the flora it covers, make the vine a threat to native plant life.

Aside from its destructive nature, the leaves of the potato vine are quite pretty; beautifully symmetrical and brilliantly green.  I kept thinking that there was a tangle pattern in here somewhere and after some time playing with it, I came up with this:

I found that adding the additional lines to the outside sections of each 'leaf' added the weight needed to distinguish one from another without making them too 'busy'.

I named the tangle Iza for Isabella, our 'baby' girl.  She turned fifteen (yikes!) this week and I am posting it in her honor.  Being the youngest in the family, Iza is one of her many nicknames.

The first time I used Iza while tangling, this is how it turned out:

Iza can flow like the Zentangle® patterns Pokeleaf and Pokeroot.  It can be used in a vine like manner as well.  On my earlier post " Celebrating Ann", this card was pictured.  Iza is wrapped around the first and last letters of Isabella's name:

Isabella likes to use Iza in much of her own artwork.  Most recently, she etched the pattern into the sides of a piece of pottery she made it art class.  It turned out beautifully.

For her birthday, and since she is now able to drive (another yikes!), Isabella wanted her favorite car pictured on the cake.  I decorated it as she requested and then used white on white icing to tangle her pattern around the cake.  I looks a bit darker here because I took the photo without a flash to make the tangle more visible:

And there you have it:  a gift - a new pattern in honor of Isabella on her fifteen birthday with countless possibilities! Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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