That's Amore!

A Tangle For Valentine's - and every day in between...

What more can be done with tangling heart shapes, you may ask? 
After all, there are multiple and marvelous patterns already in use. (Click here to view them on TanglePatterns.)   

When I was recently asked in class to demonstrate a continuous line of hearts, I realized that I do have another idea about these lovely shapes.

I've been tangling this string of hearts for years, but just this week, have 'put it to paper'.  
It is very reminiscent of Livia Chua's Hearty or Lori Howe's Heartline,  
but the step out is quite a bit different.  The outcome seems to be a bit of a combination of the two.
See what you think ~

When the first heart is drawn, and you decide which side you are going to double, alternate sides as your line of hearts continues.

This is a pretty pattern to draw down one side of a card or note.  Draw a line of three of four to the left of an address to decorate the front of an envelope.

I have included very basic versions of the tangle.  It can be embellished it countless ways.


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