Friday, December 27, 2013

Ahh's and Afterglo

That title even sounds inviting doesn't it?!

In light of the "It's a String Thing" challenge this week, I am posting notes from my pattern notebook on the two tangles that we are using - Ahh and Afterglo.

Ahh is an official Zentangle® pattern from Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.   It illustrates beautifully what shading can do for a tangle:

Afterglo by Carole Ohl is misleading at first glance - at least it was to me.  I initially thought that the lines emanating from the center were drawn first and the zigzagged auras added last. 

You can see from this step out, that by adding the 'rays' after the zigzags, Carole creates a really unique effect:

These are my personal notes about the tangle patterns.  You can reference the patterns here on Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns website for more information.

Have fun and do try your hand at "It's a String Thing" #20.  You will find all of the details in Thursday's post below.

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  1. All your shared ideas are beautiful and useful to try them....Am impressed by their names.
    Thank you for always showing the details on ''how to do''
    Greetings from Lebanon.

  2. It's amaing what shading can do! Thanks for the great notes.