My first published pattern, Cack holds a special place in my heart.  It was a thrill to submit a pattern idea, have it approved, published, and used by other tanglers.  I became an instant fan of Linda Farmer and the good work she does as the 'keeper of the patterns'.  Her website link is listed below.

My daughter Catherine and I were out shopping one afternoon and a patterned skirt caught my eye.  It had a series of interlocking circles that was intriguing.  I started playing around with circles, intersecting them, using the natural arc and balancing light and heavy strokes until I reached a pleasing balance.

The deconstructed pattern looks like this:

Notice that I signed my name as a 'future CZT'.  I hoped to attend the conference in the fall and fortunately I did!

This pattern can also be found on Linda Farmer's wonderful website,


  1. No Comments? Well, I'll comment; It's beautiful, fun and easy to do. Great for Zentangles for boys.