Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary CZT X

Congratulations to the Certified Zentangle Teachers from Seminar X!  Last week marked one year (can you believe it?!) since we gathered in Providence, Rhode Island. 

One year, and countless happy adventures later, I still get a warm and rejuvenating feeling when I recall being there.  I am grateful to have met so many talented tanglers from all walks of life and from all over the world. 

You can click here to view the Zentangle newsletter.  from last Fall.  In this edition, Rick and Maria posted photos of our class, our art work (you may recognize a lamp ;), and a very complimentary write up about the weekend.

While there, I purchased an apron and Maria graciously wrote my name on it - in her beautiful style.

In life, it's often the little things that are most meaningful.  This is proof positive.  I cherish this apron and I appreciate the thought, the care, the detail, that Rick and Maria invest in all things Zentangle.

Our class was full of extraordinary people.  Recently, I caught up with one such fabulous woman - Morag Smith.  Morag and I laughed together more than we spoke and believe me, that was an accomplishment!

I was curious to see what she's been doing since becoming a CZT and asked her permission to post her update along with our photo.  She said that I could write anything about her that I cared to defend later - even her emails make me laugh!

As it turns out, she has been very busy keeping up with her husband's (Canada's comedian, author, and television personality, Red Green) schedule but still finds time to tangle a few times a week.  Morag has also found time to teach classes in Canada and Florida, her summer and winter homes.  She especially likes when people continue on after taking a class and return to show her their creations.
She enjoys drawing, then tangling pictures - baby names for  nurseries, initials for cards, and countless ZIA watercolor pieces.  Morag sells many of them at craft shows and through her husband Steve's website:  Under the SHOP tab, find 'Bernice's Craft Corner'.  Here is the write up from that page:
Bernice (aka Morag Smith), having all the sensitivity and artistic ability so sadly lacking in Red, has started creating delicate works of art and has allowed us to improve our image by offering them here. Each drawing is a one of a kind signed original and comes with a matte suitable for framing. No shipping or handling charges. A great way to add some class to your home or ice fishing shack.
 I love it!  You will have to visit the website to see her beautiful art work - it's sure to put a smile on your face.
Thank you, Morag, for the update.  I hope our paths cross again soon.
A special shout out to all of our CZT X classmates.  I hope you have had a fabulous, Zentangle filled year!


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