Friday, October 11, 2013

Liza's Left Handed Tangle

Left Handed Tangle by Liza Buckley

Shortly after the "It's a String Thing" challenge began, I received this lovely email along with the picture shown above:

Hi Adele,
Thanks for the update.  Unfortunately a few days after the Zentangle class last month I broke my wrist.  My biggest disappointment is not being able to Zentangle!
My sister suggested I try it w/ my left hand, so I took your string challenge that week and drew it in my larger journal.  It's not as pretty, but the process was just as
meditative and relaxing!

Having read and heard about the therapeutic effects of tangling with your non-dominant hand, I wrote to Liza and asked if I could post her story and photo.  Her reply:

Thanks Adele - sure feel free to use my story.  Having this experience is teaching me a lot. 
One good thing is I can't multitask w/ 1 arm and using my left hand for tasks has to
be good for my brain!

Liza stumbled upon (pun intended) the proven benefits of using her non-dominant hand.
I am amazed at her stick-to-it-tiveness to press on and tangle despite losing the use of her right hand.  I admire her tenacity and drive to tangle.

A few months earlier, Liza traveled from Tallahassee (a four hour drive) to take my Zentangle class.  As it turns out, there are no CZT's in her part of our state.  She found the art form on the internet, as so many people do, and contacted me.   I am thrilled to say that Liza is going to the CZT Seminar in June, 2014.  By then, her wrist will be long healed. 

I am especially happy for her and for her future students in the Tallahassee area. 

Thank you, Liza, for sharing your story.

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