Friday, October 25, 2013

Jolly Jack

This is one of my favorite Halloween decorations.  It is actually a lamp made of some type of plastic coated foam.  He looks very much like a real Jack-'o-lantern when lit.  His face is happy and the details in the vine and collar add to his charm.  I bought him years ago at a friend's store so on top of his good looks, he is sentimental too. 
When I pulled him out of the storage box this fall, I noticed he looked a bit 'long in the tooth' (pun intended!).  His edges are chipped and his colors are faded.  
What to do?  Silly question for a tangler, to be sure.  I grabbed my trusty Sakura INDENTI PEN and spent a relaxing morning bringing some new life to this old face.
Now he is all tangled and ready for Halloween...and I better put my pen down before the whole house gets tangled!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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