Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nothing Could Be Finer...


...than Finery itself!

Following last week's "It's a String Thing", several people asked for further explanation on drawing the tangle pattern Finery, an official Zentangle® pattern by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.   I looked in my notes and found this step out to offer some pointers:

After your initial rows of double lines are drawn, the curve and direction of the connecting lines is important to the uniform flow of the tangle.
Work in every other row, making angled and elongated curved lines that move in the same direction.
I find that turning the tile 180 degrees and repeating this step makes it much easier to mirror the existing lines.  Is it necessary to turn the tile?  No.   I just find it works better for me.  There is an added ease in determining the direction of the curve when I look at it from a different angle.
The details of the pattern add more depth when drawn from the valley rather than the peak where the curved lines meet.
The shading follows that same idea.  Shade in the valley on this tangle for added dimension.
This tangle is especially fun because you can embellish it in infinite ways - whatever strikes your fancy.
Here is an example of Finery in a tile of mine:

 It's important to remember that tangle patterns are suggestions on how to achieve a specific outcome.  There is no right or wrong way to draw them.  It's all part of the magic of Zentangle®.

You can click here to view the tiles from "It's a String Thing" #10 tiles that feature Finery.  You will see many beautiful interpretations of the tangle.

While you are at it,  read about this week's challenge and give it a go - you will amaze yourself!


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