Pauline's Pigtail

Pauline's Pigtail: A Pattern for a Princess
I am in love with this little girl - our granddaughter Pauline.  She is a princess, plain and simple.  She is sweet and loving, a wonderful big sister, and as pretty as the day is long.  (Do I sound like a proud Gramma?!)  The first time I ever put her hair up in pigtails, this is what they looked like:  
Just look at those pudgy cheeks, the sweet curve of her ear, the chubby little hand, and that pigtail!!  That pigtail so captivated me that I came up with a pattern to mimic the movement and
sweetness of it. 
At first I called the tangle Pauline's Ponytail - but my girls reminded me that a ponytail is singular, and so the name changed to Pauline's Pigtail.  Here is the step out:
It is a very simple design and uses one only one elemental stroke - a curved line.  I suggest in the step out to layer in Hollibaugh fashion, but you can create the tangle without any lines crossing or tucking under and it still looks nice. 
This is the first tile I drew using Pauline's Pigtail:

And this is the latest one I completed:
It's a monotangle on the new "Renaissance" tiles from Zentangle®.  I used both brown and black Micron 01 pens, white gel pen, and a white charcoal pencil to shade.


  1. I just found your site. This is so cute. From flowers to fireworks, all from pigtail!

  2. I love this one. Maybe because the photograph reminds me of my sister's beautiful grand daughter. The monotangle is beautiful.

  3. Oh.My.Gosh!!! I love this tangle!!! and I love where it originated!! And that monotangle is gorgeous. thank you