The step out for my pattern dubbed 100 was created just for the 100th "It's a String Thing".  It is pictured below...

"It's a String Thing" #100 The Zentennial

It is Tuesday, your good news day!

For 100 consecutive weeks I have greeted you with those words as each new challenge unfolded.

What a milestone!

Thank you to the 200+  tanglers who submitted tiles over the past nearly two years, and to the thousands more who follow and participate at home.  I am very grateful to you all.

To mark the occasion, we will celebrate "It's a String Thing" #100 with my new string, a monotangle with my new pattern, and a drawing for a very special prize.

In presenting a monotangle, I hope a record number of my readers will have the time and inclination to participate in these busy days of summer.

First, the string ~
100 IAST String by Adele Bruno, CZT
It is a hint of the number 100 :)  Feel free to orient the string in any direction that works for you.

Next, and in keeping with the theme, here is my new tangle ~

A very simple idea - I took the number 1 0 0 and repeated it in a channel.

These are the first eight variations that came to mind when I drew the step out (with many thanks to Joanne Fink for the inspiration to illustrate them in this fashion).

The possibilities for variations are endless and I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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