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Teenos - A New Tangle!

This is a Happy Birthday wish and a new tangle introduction all in one post.
What a glorious day!
First the tangle, then the explanation ~

Teenos is a wonderful filler.  It can adapt easily to any space and can be finished in a variety of ways.  (See the above right column.)

The inspiration for Teenos comes from our son John's favorite seashell, the Turritella.

The Turritella shell gets its name from the Latin word turritus, meaning turreted.  These tiny spiraled shells sprinkle the shoreline of Sanibel Island, one of our best-loved places to vacation. (Also inspiration for CZT Tricia Faraone's Sanibelle)

I have the sweetest memories of John as a little boy scouring the sand for these and presenting his prized collection for my approval.

That same little boy turns twenty-nine today (sigh) and his prizes have changed just a bit over the years.  One of his latest is this belt buckle he earned by completing The Arkansas Traveller 100 Miler.

Yes, one hundred miles - a foot race through the mountain trails of Arkansas that he finished in just over 22 hours.  He is also an Ironman, triathlete, ultra-marathoner, and all around wonderful guy.
Do I sound like a proud mother?!

John is also very creative.  When he first began drawing, he penciled intricate shapes and aura-ed them using a variety of colors -  true ZIA ahead of his time.
He called his artwork Teenos.  I'm not sure how he arrived at the name, but it stuck and is still part of the family vocabulary.

In John's honor and to mark his birthday, I have dubbed this new tangle Teenos.

This post is actually a three-fold celebration - a new tangle, a birthday wish, and a congratulatory note.  John and his sweetest 'prize' of all, Melissa, will be married later this year.

Happiest of  birthdays to you John, from your loving Momther :)

To my readers:  Thank you for multiplying my joy.  I do hope that you find Teenos a versatile and fun tangle to use in your work.  I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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