Citrus - A Juicy New Tangle

This new tangle has a sentimental story behind it, but first, here are the step outs, a few examples, and my notes ~

It's simple and easy to draw.  Either in the half or whole versions, the circular lines are more interesting when they are irregular.  Citrus can be drawn as small or as large as you choose.

In my example above, I drew one Citrus and then layered the others behind it.  To embellish, I added detail lines in each of the inner sections.

Citrus can also be used as a string.  In the example below,  in each Citrus half, I tangled a different pattern:  Antidots, Florz, Fescu, Teenos, LaBel, Printemps, Betweed.

The possibilities are endless...

Citrus Strings by Adele Bruno, CZT

 I introduced Citrus to my friend Tracey Lyon, CZT.  A short time later, she presented me with this tile  ~

Citrus ZIA by Tracy Lyon, CZT
Isn't it pretty?!

Now for the inspiration for the tangle...

I grew up in Pennsylvania where fruit trees were plentiful: apple, pear, peach, crab-apple, and cherry - most every variety except for citrus.   Any thought of citrus trees seemed so remote and exotic.

They are now one of the reasons I enjoy living in Florida.

Over the years, my husband has planted and lovingly cared for numerous citrus trees in our yard - lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit.   Especially sentimental were the ones he was able to plant with the help of his late father.   

Unfortunately, unusual cold snaps and citrus blight of one type or another cut their lives short.

Below is a photograph of our granddaughter picking one of the last oranges from our lone remaining tree.   Sadly, it had to be cut down early this year.

The final meager harvest yielded a smattering of these deeply colored and very delicious oranges ~

When it was sliced in half, the idea of the tangle came to mind.

Photo by Isabella Bruno
I'd like to think that even though our trees are gone, they are still yielding fruit :).

I do hope you have fun with it.


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