About me

Originally from Pennsylvania, I am a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (BS Elementary Education) and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (Commercial Art).  I have worked as a teacher, an art director, and in my absolute dream job - as a loving wife and mother.  Just when I thought my resume was complete, I became a CZT - Certified Zentangle® Teacher.  Trained personally by founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, I now have the privilege to teach others the joy of Zentangle.

My husband Lou and I have been blessed to realize our dream of raising a large family and living in the sunny state of Florida. 

Once upon a time, when we began dating, Lou wrote our names in the sand...

Since then, every so often at Christmastime, we've done the same... 

What a joy it has been to add more names over the years, as now our family has grown to include our children's spouses and their precious children.

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are fond of saying that Zentangle "is a life skill, it can be done anywhere...at low tide with a stick." 

We've been tangling (sort of) longer than we realized!