SAND - My Newest Tangle

On our most recent stay on the Gulf of Mexico,  my daughter Elena asked if I was going to come up with a new tangle while we were there.  "You always do," she said.

And she was right.  And so I did...

This new pattern is based on a diagonal, or diamond shaped dot grid.  It is distinguished by the pearls that it forms as well as its secondary grid.

I've named it Sand in honor of our oldest daughter and her husband who celebrate their seventh and ever so happy wedding anniversary next week:
S for Sarah, AND for Andrew.

It wasn't until I named the tangle, that the connection between sand and pearls become evident.
Little pearls are formed when you tangle SAND.  Pearls are formed by oysters from little grains of sand.  Don't you just love when things come together like that?

Here is my new tangle ~

A single row of Sand creates a beautiful border.  You can use just one section of the grid, or many. The possibilities for variations are endless - just imagine what adding aura would do...

I must thank my fellow Knuckleballers and my Fall Fractals class at Sam Flax this past week for being my pattern guinea pigs. Your feedback was invaluable.  Special thanks to my dear friend Sindy P, CZT for providing the finishing touch to the tangle - and for the inspiration to illustrate it on a Renaissance tile ~

Sand monotangle by Sindy P, CZT
photo effect applied with MarbleCam app


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  1. Dear Adele, i really love your pattern sand and also why it is called like that! Thank you for sharing! Sunny greetings from Cologne, Germany, Nadine