This pattern is the first one I ever developed.  It is named Ann in remembrance of our daughter Catherine's dearest friend who was taken suddenly from this life.  It reminds me that in the great sorrow and void she left, there is renewed hope and faith for those who loved her. 

Any time we see a yellow butterfly we are reminded of her.  The butterfly symbolizes new life, the hope we have in the promise of Eternal Life after our days here are over.  It is beauty and grace - and that was Ann...

Here is the step out for the tangle pattern Ann:
 And here is Ann used in a tile with Cack, the pattern I named for our daughter Catherine -
My string was triangular and I did use a dot grid to make Ann on the left side.  I added pearls to the string lines on the top and right side.

The pattern is very versatile because you can stack or stagger it.  You can also drop the pattern in most anywhere with a single butterfly. 

Here is a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) piece that I made for our daughter Isabella.  It's actually the front of a card. 


I really packed a lot of tangles into this piece but if you look over the letter "a" in Isabella, you will see an example of using  Ann in a singular form.
In the end, the step-out for the tangle pattern Ann is an easy, very teachable way to draw a delicately beautiful butterfly.

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  1. This is my first time finding your page. Thank you for sharing great tangles with step-outs! And thank you for sharing a beautiful tangle & the story that goes with it. I've lost too many loved ones over the last few years. Creating art would be a wonderful & therapeutic dedication to them.