Monday, October 7, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #8 Tiles

This week's assignment posed quite a challenge as Sue Agnew noted, "so many of the 'Z' tangle patterns were grid based and the string is definitely not."

That is very true, but as you will see, these tanglers rose to the challenge. 

The first submissions are from Arizona's Audrie Weisenfelder.
 Audrie uses Zassy in the main section of this tile.  She adds it again in the middle, spiraling it into the center.  By adding thicker solid lines, the swirl appears to rise to a peak.

Audrie uses a really pleasing mix of patterns in this tile.  Zanella and Zedbra used with a straight lines is a nice compliment to the curved lines of Zazzy and Zanzee

Brenda Urbanik sent in this pretty tile from South Africa:

 She says that it is full of 'creative opportunities' as we say in the tangled world.  And there in lies the beauty of this art form: there are no mistakes.  This tile is lovely!  Imagine if Brenda stopped drawing because she was not initially pleased with the way a line went, or how her version of a pattern varied from what she wanted it to look like at first.  We wouldn't be able to enjoy this pretty piece.  Thank you Brenda for tangling through and sending this in.

The following tiles were sent in by fellow Floridian, Joan Delony.  There is a dilemma here - is it more exciting that she sent in two beautiful tangles, or that she will be a CZT in June?!

Joan's choice of patterns, combined with her use of light and dark lines, make these tiles stand out.  Her Zinger is just lovely!

Sue Agnew, from the Chicago area, has such a recognizable and beautiful style to her tangles:
She uses sparkle to add highlights to Zedbra and Zazzy - what a pretty touch!  As a unique feature, Sue used Zuan Shi as the background for the entire piece.  What a wonderful idea and a good one for the rest of us to take note of.  Thank you, Sue. 

Speaking of beautiful styles, Mindy - a fellow Floridian as well - is back and here is her submission:
She said that she, "unexpectedly gravitated back to pencil" for shading - after using grey marker for a time.  Since you cannot hold Mindy's tile at arms length, squint your eyes and look at it on your screen.  Her shading is just beautiful. 

The next tiles hail from the south of England:
Ragged Ray used Zunella along the string line of this one and added darker lines to either side to anchor it. The use of Zuan Shi as a border is a really nice touch.
Speaking of really nice touches, here is the tile honored this week:
Z-Trik is rendered beautifully here.  It is a nice 'back drop' for the swirl of the other tangles.  The loose folds of Zenplosion seem to wrap around the tile.  This is a lovely, lovely piece. 
Thank you so much for sending it in and congratulations!  I have a little something coming in the mail for you.
Many thanks to the creative minds behind the 'Z' tangles this week:
Zanella by Sandra Strait, CZT
Zazzy by Sue Clark, CZT
Zedbra by Laura Harms and Margaret Bremmer, CZTs
Zen Bud and Zenplosion Folds by Daniele O'Brien, CZT
Zin by Linda Farmer, CZT
Zinger an official Zentangle pattern
Zuan Shi by JJ LaBarbera
Z-Trik by Yamit Fridman
Zanzee by Cathy Cusson
AND thank you to Sue Zanker and Linda Farmer for String 009
Dear Reader, don't be shy!  Check back tomorrow for the next "It's a String Thing" and send in your tangles.  You never know who you will encourage and inspire.

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