A love for all things tangled

"You are really passionate about this aren't you?"

That's the response I get from people when asked about Zentangle®  Learning it changed my world.  It changed the way I observe my surroundings, appreciate all things creative, perceive the art world and my place in it, but most importantly, it affords me the opportunity to teach others and see their worlds change as well.

A few years ago, when shopping at an art store, I perused the upcoming class schedule.   With little time and even less money to my name, I signed up for something I had never heard of before - Zentangle.  It was the least expensive class - and all the materials were included.  It also came with a promise that "anything was possible, one stroke at a time" - I signed up.

Debbie Perdue, CZT™ set a lovely mood for the class and was very encouraging.  Sitting at a table, with my first finished tile, I had an overwhelming sense that everything creative I had ever done - heretofore swirling around me in some unexplainable space - was suddenly focused, suddenly had purpose, and suddenly had a channel for expression.

My very first tile!
At the same time, I yearned to know more and to see how it applied to all aspects of the arts that I so enjoyed doing. 

What I found was a GENEROUS world, this world of Zentangle, a welcoming one and I consider myself blessed to be part of it. 

Truly, I look at the world differently now - there are patterns everywhere!

Come, join in - you will find yourself in excellent company, and more in touch with the artist in you.

I encourage you to take a class.  To find a CZT near you just visit the website www.zentangle.com Click on LEARN and scroll to find your corner of the world.  The CZT's in your area will be listed there.  Have fun!