Friday, November 15, 2013

Delicately Detailed ZIA Pottery

When I teach a Zentangle® class, creating a welcoming atmosphere is paramount.  This is partly achieved by the surroundings - I make sure the gallery is neat and free of clutter, tables are topped with clean white paper, music is soft and relaxing and the finishing touch is always this ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) vase filled with flowers: 

ZIA pottery by Su D'Alessio

This delicate and detailed vase is the creation of artist and elementary art teacher, Su D'Alessio.  Su is energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, and madly talented!   She is shown here standing in front of her latest creations.

Su says that she has doodled with pen and ink as long as she can remember.   Several years ago she began exploring pottery and glazes about the same time she discovered Zentangle.  She combined her love for both and developed a uniquely beautiful method of painting and glazing pottery - Su's Delicate Designs.

Su uses a squeeze bottle fitted with a very tiny, pin-sized steel pointed tip. She applies the glaze to her pottery using this squeeze bottle in the same way we use a Micron on a tile.  Amazing.

Notice how detailed her work is - the little dish she is working on as well as the two finished pieces in the background.

If you look back at the photo of Su with her work (above) you can see the little turtles in the bottom left hand corner on a doily.  Here is a close up of one, placed by a ruler for perspective.  Look at the detail - beautiful!
Here are a few of her pieces that I purchased this year:
Su says that "no two pieces are ever the same and I cannot do orders...the ideas just spill out of my head on their own!  Each has flaws because I am not perfect." 

While she doesn't take orders, she does have one more show this year.  If you are in the Orlando area on December 7, Su will be displaying and selling her wonderful work at The Orlando Pottery Festival.
Click here for details on the show.

Many thanks to you, Su, for sharing your talent and beautiful work.  I think of you every time I fill my vase with flowers and teach a class ;)

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  1. These are so lovely. Wish I could buy one!

  2. Su's pottery is stunning! I sure wish I was in Orlando (was just there in Nov. darn!). She is one talented tangler! Thanks for sharing, Adele!

  3. So glad you shared these photos. It's so interesting to see how she does these. (And I have mine on display!)

  4. I have bought this little bottle
    with iron heelpiece, but I don´t know how to fit together. Please would you be so kind and advance me what to do? Thank you very much ,Marie Burianova

    1. Marie, if you email me through this blog - box on the bottom right - I'll forward your question to Su.