Monday, January 28, 2019

"It's a String Thing" #277 Tiles

We used my Fancy Nancy along with Angie Gittles' A-Frame for this week's tangling adventure to help mark my mother Nancy's 85th birthday. 
Thank you all for your happy wishes and beautiful tiles.  How very special for her to be celebrated in so many parts of the globe - your tangles and notes are sure to make her feel very special. 

Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Gudrun (Germany) ~
Fancy Nancy was a new pattern for me - never drawn, but I love it.

From Moblue (Germany) ~
All the best wishes to your mum's birthday.
Such a lovely idea to dedicate this week's tangle to her. I'm afraid mine has turned out to be more zendoodle than zentangle. But it is as it is. This tile looked just as it was meant to be. A big Cheers for your mother!
Happy tangling, Moblue from Bremen, Germany.

From Angie Gittles (Maryland) ~
First, happy belated 85th birthday to your mother! Anyway, so glad to be able to participate this week. It’s been a while. Your mother’s birthday flowers inspired me to use an old tile I had laying around that already had a little color on it. Then I added a little more pink. Can’t wait to see all of the tiles this week.

From Dani (Indonesia) and here on her blog ~
This is for challenge #277.
Thank you.

From Hilary (Chicago) ~
I’m very happy to take part in your mother’s birthday celebration with this tile. Wishing her all the best

From Sue Leslie, CZT (New Mexico) ~
Happy Birthday to your Mom Nancy. 85 is a milestone for sure. Had fun with this string and tangles. Fancy Nancy was a new one for me this time and is always fun to play with a new tangle. Thanks for all you do for this group.

From Sally Whiteman (New Zealand) ~
A late start for me this year - there seems to be so much going on during the summer holidays.
My mother's birthday was also 22nd January. Had she still been with us she would have been 90 this year.
I really enjoyed both of these tangles. Once again thank you

From Shirley Wholsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
Hi Adele, attached is my Tile for ‘It’s A String Thing ‘ Challenge # 277
Happy Birthday Nancy! Hope you had a wonderful day with many happy returns of the day.

From Ria Matheussen, CZT (Belgium) ~
Your mum looks beautiful at her age, congratulations and I wish her
still many years in the middle of your family.
I have never used A-Frame and Fancy Nancy but I like this combo and made
my work on a grey tile wit red accents.
I enjoyed this challenge very much and looked different times at your
mum's nice picture where she looks so happy.
Warm regards from Belgium

From Cassi (Illinois) ~
This one was a lot of fun, and taught me two new patterns :-)

From Baafke (The Netherlands) ~
A-frame is really a pattern where you draw one stroke at a time

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
I enjoyed playing with A-Frame and got carried away trying the same approach with other letters. Here is my tile with birthday wishes for Nancy.

From JoAnne (Ontario, Canada) ~
Congratulations on your mother’s birthday! I enjoyed these tangles and the N string!

From Amy L (Connecticut) ~
This was an interesting challenge. At first I had some trouble making fancy Nancy into a chain, but I had such a good time layering them that it just happened. I used a tan tile because I didn’t have an unstrung white one handy, but it let me do some fun highlights. A-frame was a challenge, as are all grid tangles for me, but in the end I found the repetition of it soothing, and it was easy to keep track of directions. A lovely prompt as always, and happy birthday to your mom!

From Lisette, CZT 32 (Switzerland) ~
Thank you for this new challenge, Adele. A-Frame was new to me. I like it, it’s so versatile.
Thank you and best regards

From Jane (Surrey, United Kingdom) ~
Lovely to see a photo of your mum, I hope she had a lovely birthday! My mum is about the same age as your and we have lived together for many years and it works well for us both I’m pleased to say. My mum practices Zentangle with me and liked the #FancyNancy tangle so I’ll be teaching it to her today.
I tangled the string on this occasion having first painted the tile with watercolours and drew #A-Frame as a background in white gellyroll, adding a touch of #Therefore in gold gellyroll.

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) and here on her blog ~
happy Birthday to your Mother! I enjoyed tangling her Birthday tile with a bunch of flowers and green leafes. Thank you for this wonderful idea!
You will find my tile on my blog under the link
Best wishes to you and your family from Germany

From Laurel Davis, CZT (New York) ~
I loved drawing your Fancy Nancy tangle, Adele! And I was attracted to A-frame the first time I saw it, but have not had the opportunity to use it until now. Super fun challenge!

From T. (Toronto, Canada) ~
This was another enjoyable challenge.
Both patterns chosen were easy to work with.
The repetitive lines in A-Frame made drawing it very relaxing and helped me be less analytical about the placement of Fancy Nancy within the remaining spaces of the string. I didn’t worry as much as I tend to about following the exact borders of the string.
I used my metallic pencils again but I don’t think the bits of colour, especially the gold, are as visible in the photo as I had hoped.
Thanks for another great challenge!

From Simone (Germany) ~
I tried to find a balance between ein light, fancy and organic pattern und a very logical, striktly, straight grid pattern. I turned the string 90 Degree und broke it a little bit.

From Ingrid (The Netherlands) ~
Here is my tile # 277 for this week.
A belated Happy Birthday to your dear mom.
Your mom is very goodlooking.
I hope you had some wonderful time with Ada and her parents?
This week I enjoyed working on the challenge.

From Priscilla DiConte, CZT (Kingston, New York) ~
Happy birthday to your Mom..may she be blessed with many more years....
What a fun time...fancy nancy is fun to draw. I added cantaloupe to the string and even left an area empty
The tile is colored by me with brushos and watercolor, with glitter paint and pens for highlights.
Have a good week all!

From Sharyn Penna, CZT ( Massachusetts) ~
A very happy birthday to your mom!
I Mooka-fied Fancy Nancy and placed it in a fragment. Then I changed the orientation of the A-Frame fragment. What a great combo!
Cheers to the celebrations and tangleations birthdays and family bring!

From Gill Green (Israel) ~
Here's my entry. Happy birthday to Nancy, she looks amazing! I enjoyed doing this one, Fancy Nancy reminded me of an Easter bonnet!
All the best

From Allison (California) ~
I loved the picture of your vibrant mother. I hope to be like her as I get older. Here is my version of #277. I have fun imagining the Fancy Nancy’s as some sort of flying insect.

From Lynn F. (Florida) ~
Best birthday wishes to your Mom!
I first drew the string and then added a grid for A-Frame over the entire tile and then added the patterns letting the Zen lead the way. I’m glad I didn’t lose the “N” entirely. I added some Gelly Roll metallic green for a splash of color, Gelly Roll white as an accent, and some shading to make “Fancy Nancy” fancy.
I love how it turned out.

From Sue Agnew (Tucson, Arizona) ~
Lucky you to have your mom around — and congratulations to her on her birthday!
I really liked A-Frame and experimented with it quite a bit, but today when I sat down to do the tile, I ended up making alphabet letters out of it (it worked pretty well, except I need to work on my curves). I really did use the string, turned on its side (hint, the spiral in the big Fancy Nancy). I joined the smaller Fancy Nancys together like a string of paperdolls (I cut one out to show you), and then they started looking like ladies in babushkas, so I added faces — even though it seems like your mom would be more likely to be in a golf visor or sunhat than a babushka!
Thank you for "blogging on" despite extended family celebrations!

From Sharon Fite (California) ~
Warmest birthday wishes for your mother! It's plain to see where you get your lovely smile! The colors of your mom's roses inspired my watercolors. To Fancy Nancy and A-Frame, I added Pozer with a little Budlite, and Heartswell in gold jelly roll pen. Great string and tangle choice, Adele!

From Talia Maynard (London, United Kingdom) ~
Here's my tile for this week's challenge. I really enjoyed doing the angular lines of A Frame against the freeform Fancy Nancy. They make a lovely contrast.
Wishing your mum a very happy birthday.

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~

From Val (Tucson, Arizona) ~
Happy Birthday to your mom! Here is my version of Fancy Nancy and A-Frame to celebrate.

From my mother and me, heartfelt thanks for your kind notes and this fabulous display of tangles.

Have a blessed week and stop back Tuesday afternoon for "It's a String Thing" #278!

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