Friday, September 14, 2018

Where I Tangle

Featuring Baafke from the Netherlands ~

It is so nice to see where someone makes his tiles! That way you get to know each other a little bit!

We live in an apartment on the 12 floor.

When I draw on our balcony outside, I often look around me, I love the view. Luckily the balcony is south facing, nice and sunny.

We do not have an extra room, so I draw in a corner of our livingroom.
Just to be seen on the picture: under my desk is also toys from our granddaughter. You have to be a bit creative with the space in a flat.
On the last photo you can see how I keep my pens and pencils sorted. This makes it easy to pick the right pen.

All photographs courtesy of Baafke

I started zentangle almost 2 years ago.(and I never want to stop) I bought a few books and searched for further information on the internet. That is how I ended up on your website. And I learn so much from all participants here! Thanks everyone!Love from Baafke (Netherlands)

Thank you, Baafke ­čśŐ

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