Thursday, September 27, 2018

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

"firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition"                                                                                                                      ( 

IAST #261 Tile by Adele Bruno, CZT

There is a story behind this tile and it has to do with determination, persistence, and a good measure of humility.

I was determined to begin year six by completing a tile for the IAST #261.  I drew the string lines and began tangling Hexonu in the lower left hand space.  It went so far off course that I decided to blacken in the entire section to cover up any trace of the mangled tangle.  I added perfs to one string line and 3-Loops-6 to the other and then abandoned the tile.

The next day, trying to make peace with my effort, I added Hexonu and a few other details and then missed my own deadline for Monday's post.  Ugh! 
Nothing about it seemed worthy of keeping, except the nagging feeling that I should follow through and make something, anything of it.

This morning, I gave it a go again.  The large black space looked a bit too stark, so I added some tangles in white.  Aura, shading, and a few details transformed it into an acceptable piece. 

My takeaways ~
Is every tile a masterpiece?  Yes - just by virtue of that fact that you created it. 
Does every tile flow in that zen-like way?  No - but thankfully most of them do.
Is it worth the time and effort to push through creative blocks?  Yes - even when the finished piece doesn't live up to your usual standards. 

The process endures and persistence pays off.


  1. Thank you for sharing your tile and the trials behind it - which don't show through to me. There are so many lovely details, my favourite being the little curls coming off of your Hexonu!

    I think it's the difficult tiles that have much to teach us, not least that they make us more appreciative of the ones that come more smoothly.

    1. Yes, and it is good to keep learning and appreciating...
      Thank you.

  2. Thank you Adele for this honest and nice story and yes, you have made a wonderful tile!