Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

In 2016, for IAST's third birthday, Jenny Hopkins from Australia, sent a thank you note that I have cherished ever since.

In it, she included the following poem with this introduction, "I thought that you might like to see the week as I do."

Here is Jenny's poem:

The IAST Week

Our IAST week starts on a Tuesday,
The day that Adele aptly calls our ‘good news’ day.
The following day is a ‘review the clues’ day
And then we enjoy a ‘play and amuse’ day.
It sometimes gets rocky on ‘excuse and refuse’ day
Before coming together on ‘engage the muse’ day.
We have a day off and a bit of a ‘snooze’ day
And look forward to sharing our gifts on ‘reviews’ day.

Reading it again this morning inspired me to tangle ~

IAST Zendala by Adele Bruno, CZT
With special thanks to Jenny Hopkins for her clever verse.

It's our 5th Birthday week here at IAST.  Be sure to check out IAST #260 and join in the fun -
click here for the delightful details.

Tomorrow I will post a special thank you to all IAST contributors and 
Friday brings another post in the "Where I Tangle" series with guest, Baafke from The Netherlands.



  1. I love the poem of Jenny and your wonderful tile Adele, thank your!!!

    1. Jenny will be happy to know you appreciated her clever verse, thank you, Ria.