Friday, January 10, 2014

Rainy Day Tangles

This morning here in central Florida, it is unusually overcast.  Happily though, it 'put me in mind' (as my Grandmother would say) of two tangles we are using in the "It's a String Thing" challenge this week:  Raindotty and Rain.

It will be difficult to wait until Monday to post the beautiful tiles that are coming in.  Most of the tanglers have commented on how fun it is to draw Raindotty by CZT Jane Monk.

Curious, I decided to complete a monotangle with the pattern.  I used a Micron 08 and found it very relaxing to draw.  Each dot is mindful, cannot be hurried, and the feel of the Zentangle® paper is a very noticeable part of the experience.

This is what my tile looked like before shading....

And after shading...

I chose to shade in the spaces between the tangles.  That made the circles appear a bit stark, so I added some shading to the pattern and I liked it a bit more.

Next, I thought to complete a monotangle on a Renaissance tile.  I worked with a white Gelly Roll Pen, and brown and black 01 Microns.  The dots didn't stand out as much as I would have liked - the piece needed some more contrast.  Rain to the rescue!  It springs from Raindotty and adds the needed weight.  I finished it off with a few more dots and here it is:  

If it's a bit rainy in your part of the world - try your hand at these patters.  They will surely make your day brighter.

Check out the rest of this week's tangles as well as the challenge by clicking here.  Have a wonderful weekend and send in your photos :)

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