Friday, January 24, 2014

More ZIA to Love

On this wintry Friday morning, here are two treats to warm you up -

The first comes from Joan Delony.  Joan is a regular contributor to the "It's a String Thing" challenge and this summer will be traveling to Providence, Rhode Island, to become a CZT.

She was visiting her grandchildren when she read last week's post (click here to view) that featured Vicky Brison's ZIA with her granddaughter's hand print.

With Joan's permission, here is the precious ZIA she completed after she traced her own hand and her four month old grandson's -
ZIA by Joan Delony
That is a priceless keepsake.

The second treat is a photo of the collection of tiles from a basics class I taught last week.  Many thanks again to the talented artists who came.  I look forward to seeing how you incorporate Zentangle® into the beautiful work that you do.

Zentangle® Basics Class Tiles,  Adele Bruno, CZT

Have a wonderful and weekend and stay warm!

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  1. Joan...LOVE this! the verse is lovely and I hope you plan to frame this . It certainly was not my (original) idea but boyo do I love it. Our little darlins' grow so fast it is nice to mark the process....I hope to do my grand daughters hand each year. best wishes ...Vicky