Monday, January 20, 2014

"It's a String Thing" #23 TIles

Another week into the new year and another cache of creative tiles to show for it!

More than a few artists said that they were more challenged this week than usual - either by the given tangles, the string, or the combination of both.  At the same time, they submitted their work for the rest of us to observe, to enjoy, and to learn from - earning great admiration in the process.  A heartfelt thank you to all of you.

Sue Jacobs' tile was the first to arrive -
She said that while she did use the string, she "didn't use a frame, choosing to use the string in an abstract manner."  She shaded with colored pencils - green, orange, and purple - "based on the color triad in color theory."
The result is gorgeous.  Sue added sparkle to Barberpole and with her choice of tangles creates such a pleasing blend of straight and curved lines.  

Joan Delony sent in two tiles, the first one is a Renaissance tile - 
She incorporated all of the tangles for the challenge.  While meaning to pick up her brown Micron, she grabbed the red instead. That resulted in a 'creative opportunity' (not a mistake!) - and she ended up liking it very much. Notice how she added the extra detail lines in Bales giving it a whole new look.

She followed that pretty tile with one she called a "more 'artistic' " one - 
and it is.  She used Bales along her string line with a single section of the pattern and added an aura.  It makes the tangle look almost flower-like.  It's a wonderful idea we can all add to our arsenal.

Jenna Wheatman sent in several tiles as well - 

She said that she had a 'bit of a dilemma' choosing her favorite and that is no surprise looking at them.  In Jenna's signature style, her tangles weave effortlessly.  In the tile above Bales dances through, around, and even morphs into the neighboring tangles.  Her use of Baton as a background for Batch and Bales is very clever as is the reverse of the light and dark space in Bandola - wonderful details!  Jenna wrote, "I kept these tangles simple as they went together very well and combined they made their own variations which in turn has made the end result look very detailed."  Well said!

A very warm welcome to Amy Curtis.  Amy said that she is really new to Zentangle® and she already "enjoys it immensely."  She sent in this colorful tile and posted it here on her blog.

Amy used Bandola in a unique way, adding just one to the curve of her main string lines - a really lovely idea. She adds a 'just right' pop of dark space and color.

Ragged Ray said that "tweaking the tangles is a huge part of the fun" when it comes to these challenges.  She said that "sometimes the tweak comes in the form of combining parts of one within another" and that this week "Bateek begged to be popped within Batch - and they look happy together!" 
And happy they are!  That is a beautiful combination, just beautiful.  The loopy string line that Basketweave seems to hang from is another sweet detail.

Annie Taylor wrote about the challenge this presented to her - 
She said that she looked forward to "seeing the other, more exciting and elegant contributions!"
This is very elegant and exciting AND proof that her persistence paid off.  She wove Barberpole in and out and behind, alternated the dark and lightness of Batch and created great depth with her shading. It is lovely.

Cathy Cusson's tile is light and airy - 
She said she welcomed the chance to use Bandola saying it was "nice to pull it off the shelf and dust it off."   The way she drew and shaded the tangle adds great dimension and Bateek fits in with it very well.

Ingrid said that this was a "tricky one" for her -
She said that she ended up with a lot of Baton...She did, and it is beautiful!  She added the dark space at the points and shaded it just so.  Ingrid also added nicely detailed touches to Bales and, Barberpole, and Bask-it.  

Annemarie sent in a bit of sunshine - 

She added yellow with two shades of colored pencils to brighten up her tile.  Her tangles work well together and her use of negative space is delightful.  Ingrid also posted her tile here on her blog.

Brenda Urbanik said that it was "so nice to practice new patterns on new strings!"
She too used a Renaissance tile with wonderful results.  Her tile is nicely balanced with the white behind Batch complimenting the darker Bandola and Batch.  She used the black and brown Microns in a very pleasing balance as well.  While challenging, she found she "enjoyed herself" - and it shows!
Brenda posted her pretty tile here on her blog as well.

Cheryl Rotnem said that she thought she'd "throw in some red" as it is one of her favorite colors - 
She liked the string and added her personal touches to the tangles.  It is very festive!

Sue Agnew said, "Here's as always!"
While she may have fun, it is the rest of us who get to have fun seeing what she does with these challenges!  Many things stand out on her tile:  Bales and Bateek blended, Baton enlarged, the pretty shading.  One really clever touch is the way she used Bandola.  She stacked it on her string line using only one element of the tangle - yet another great idea!

Rhonda Koplin submitted this detailed tile -

She said that her favorite new tangle is Barberpole and "the challenge to perfect the 'shiney' effects"  and it shows in her work.  Her Barberpole is curved, shaded, and shiney.  She added so many lovely details with the other tangles she included as well.

Deanna Spence said that this "was another fun one!"

It is a happy tile, isn't it?  Bales as the main background is especially nice as it shares the same grid as Beteek.  The way Deanna used Basketweave layered over Baton, turning around itself and weaving through is sheer tangled talent!

Jackie Becker said that she completed this tile in bits and pieces...
Not having a block of dedicated time made her less enthusiastic about it.  That is until she began completing her tile.  She writes, "I just started drawing lines and found that I somehow tied one segment of the string into another."  What a happy thing to happen!
Jackie has many details that add to her tile including the single Bandola and the curved Barberpole accented with the lines from Baton.

Audrie Weisenfelder submitted our third Renaissance tile - 

This is a really pretty example of how this color of tile is meant to show both light and dark.  She used aura in the middle of Bales and, by adding the white and brown where she did, created a central focal point that seems to be tipping on axis points as though it could spin.  The other tangles appear to comprise the background adding a pleasing compliment to the Bales grid.  It's wonderful!
Audrie also posted it here on her pretty purple blog.  

Vicky Brison sent in two tiles.  She said that this string line was more of a challenge for her...she couldn't quite find her "groove"... 

...but that does not show in her work - at all.  She said that she got "lost with Bales variations" in the first one.  A lovely musing it is.
She felt that the second tile pictured here was "too heavy".  The Baton actually works well here though to weigh the balance for the other tangles.  She also added some curve to the pattern for a variation.  Very nice.

A N D the artist and tile honored this week is...

Anna Houston!

Anna is the creator of the Bask-it tangle pattern that we used this week.  This is her tile - 

She said that all of the tangles, with the exception of hers and Bales, were new to her.  

Her work was so eye-catching, that I was drawn to it over and over.  Her details are wonderful - the Barberpole spilling into Baton and shaded at the string line by Bateek, the fan of Bales, the curved Basketweave and the dainty Bandola...

In all, a very beautiful piece.  Thank you, Anna.   I have another little some thing coming in the mail for you.

In closing, here is a cozy picture to warm your wintry day sent in by Vicky Brison - her "drawing companions" curled up on her chair - "their favorite place to snooze."

Thank you again to the creative minds behind the string and tangles used in "It's a String Thing" #23 - 

String 023 created by Barbara Finwall and published by Linda Farmer on Tangle Patterns.

Bales an official Zentangle® pattern
Bandola by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT
Barberpole by Suzanne McNeill, CZT
Bask-it by Anna Houston, CZT (Honoree for "It's a String Thing" #22 & #23 - yay!)
Basketweave by Suzanne McNeill, CZT
Batch by Helen Williams
Bateek by Linda Farmer, CZT
Baton by Carole Ohl, CZT

Check back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing"#24!

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  1. What a truly fantastic set of tiles for this String Thing. It's great to see what people can do with a few lines and a set of tangles! Thanks for putting it all together for us. Ax