Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"It's a String Thing" #294

It's Tuesday, your good news day!

It's summer and there are so many happy things to celebrate, let's explore Nadine Roller's new tangle, Happy.

We begin with this string ~

IAST String by Adele Bruno, CZT

Nadine's tangle is very organic, so the using a string may not even be necessary, but it is here just in case...

Nadine's step out can be found here on her blog and Linda Farmer wrote about it here on TanglePatterns.

Create a monotangle or add a tangle or two if you wish.

This will be fun!

Have a wonderful week.

Here are the (Not so) Official Guidelines:
* Challenges are posted on Tuesdays.
*Use the string posted for the week and some or all of the suggested patterns
* Submit a photo of your tile saved as jpg or scan your tile (300 dpi or higher) and save as a jpg
*Email your jpg file as an attachment to -
*Entries for IAST are to be submitted by Saturday evening of the week issued
*Photos and notes are (usually) posted on the following Monday
Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world. WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR NAME, PLEASE INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for you to have a blog or website to participate.

If you do have a blog or website, I will add a link upon request.
Please include the site specific URL.

I look forward to your emails.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

"It's a String Thing" #293 Tiles

While we were tangling sweet treats in honor of National Donut Day,  a sweet little baby was welcomed into the world.  Our daughter Catherine and her husband Oswald were blessed with a healthy, happy, and oh so handsome son. 

As any proud Gramma would, I text my friends and family and included a picture of me holding little Ollie.  In return, along with very loving notes, came this surprise from my friend Joanne ( ~

Greeting from Joanne Fink to celebrate the arrival of my new grandson.

How incredible it is when joys are shared - especially with loving and madly talented friends!
Thank you, Joanne.

Back to our very own sweet treats...
This week's tiles that featured a string resembling donuts and three delicious tangles a la Margaret Bremner, CZT. 

Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Karen Aicken (Alberta, Canada) and here on her blog ~
Interesting challenge this week - thank you. Two more new-to-me tangles and it’s been ages since I’ve played with Pixioze. I used Croon in my ‘Donut Holes’ and went from there.
The tile, which was traced into my sketchbook - was posted on my blog this evening...
Thanks again for all you do.

From Angie Gittles (Maryland) ~
I love donuts so much that I took a bite out of one!

From Tina Kirchhübel (Germany) ~
It's been a long time that I have participated in IAST.
But this donut theme today was a real pleasure for me to tangle.
Greetings from Germany

From Ginger (California) ~
I didn't realize we had two weeks for the last one, so figured I missed the deadline.
In time for National Donut Day, here is my platter. Marsu as a cinnamon roll, Pepper as a cruller, and sprinkles from Partae! All balance on the drying screen. So many less calories this way!

From VenaC (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
Once I decided to put Pixioze in all the donuts and croon in the holes in the middle it went very quickly. You can't really see that one donut is done in black ink, one in brown and one in grey. We didn't have donuts as children. The first I had was when I came to Canada as an adult. I haven't really developed a taste for them. Those I have tasted seemed too sweet or too greasy. 

From Robin (Ohio) ~
This was fun, 3 tangle that I have never used. I did the shading with my copic C3 cool grey. Thanks again for this challenge, it makes me get out of my comfort zone.

From Talia Maynard (London, United Kingdom) ~
I haven't been able to finish a challenge on time for quite a while so I'm thrilled to be finally able to send you something!
I loved the shapes and patterns of this challenge. They work so well together and do look like donuts!
Have a fabulous weekend.

From T. ~
I’m also an admirer of Margaret Bremner’s creations so it was nice to get some inspiration from her work and to use her patterns in this week’s challenges.
Pixioze is a pattern that I use often. It’s one of the go-to patterns I use to fill spaces on a page or tile when I don’t want to leave too much white space.
I’ve seen Croon on Margaret’s site before but for whatever reason never used it. Now that I’ve used it, I can see it becoming part of my regular rotation of patterns.
Partay was new to me, which probably means I haven’t explored Margaret’s site deeply enough.
I was a bit uncertain about where to begin with this week’s string. I started drawing Croon first and once I got going things flowed.
As always, thanks for a fun challenge.

From Gale Sherman, CZT (Tucson, Arizona) ~
There is nothing abstract about this tile which is watercolor, collage and a bit of Zentangle. I had too many realistic images in my head that I couldn't get rid of! I used #Croon for doughnut holes as a nod to a local doughnut shop, La Cave, which stopped putting holes in their doughnuts years ago to make theirs different from all the other doughnut shops in Tucson. However, for National Doughnut Month they decided to put the holes back in. The pink one is for my youngest grandchild who turned 6 today and the maple for my mom who loved those. I could eat half a dozen of plain cake (or raised with chocolate frosting) all by myself, so I work hard to ignore them. But perhaps one later this month

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Autralia) ~
I’m sending a box of Donuts for your National Donut Day.
And this week’s ‘It’s A String Thing # 293’ Challenge.

From Cheryl (Missouri) ~
For the love of donuts! Upon looking at this creation, my husband found a man in a sombrero drawn in the hole of the Pizioze donut. I couldn't find him, but when I did, I dropped my sketch book! It's a bit creepy and totally unplanned!! Thank you, Adele, for keeping us inspired and all tangled up.

From Moblue (Bremen, Germany) ~
Here we are with my doughnut party.
I had a very exhausting week at work and just thought there won’t be enough time for Zentangle. But in the end I finished two tiles.
The first was all dark with bold heavy lines. I drew it Wednesday in the night when I was busy installing a new server in our office since the old one has died suddenly on Tuesday. At that point I really was in a bad mood. But now things have turned out better and I drew a new tile much lighter and more airy. The crisis is not yet over, but there is a light in the dark. If this won't be reason enough for a party, what else will be?
Happy tangling from
Moblue, Bremen, Germany 

From Laurel Davis, CZT #28 (New York) ~
I’ve always been a big fan of Margaret Bremner and donuts!

From Kathy Millard (Prince George, British Columbia, Canada) ~
Finally able to get myself out of the garden long enough to finish a string. I enjoyed these simple happy little tangles.

From Ria Matheussen, CZT (Belgium) ~
Here is my contribution for this special challenge.
We also like donuts but we don't have a national donut day as you have
in your country. It is a nice tradition to remember.
This week, your president visited Great Britain and there were several
ceremonies on different places in Europe to honour the veterans of the war.
I enjoyed this drawing and used ordinary white paper and black pen. To
finish I used very light tints of yellow and pink on the donuts and I
used blue colour and a blue pen for Croon.
Thank you Adele for this pleasant challenge and send you warm regards
from Belgium

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) and here on her blog ~
the lasts weeks patterns are not exactly my favorites. I would never have chosen this combination myself. Nevertheless, I think my result looks quite interesting on the watercolor background. You will find it on my blog under the link
Thank you for this interesting experience.
I wish you and your family a nice Pentecost weekend.
Warm greetings from Germany.

From Sra (India) and here on her blog ~
Here are my doughnuts for you.
I know you're going to burst out laughing. They're as flat as the assembly-line doughnuts I've condemned in my blog post. But I'm adamantly proud of the Partay and the Pixioze.
Hope you had your fill of doughnuts this week!

A very warm welcome to Sharlie (New Jersey) and on this link ~
Thanks for the challenge. I now have three new patterns in my collection. However, it appears my donuts may have turned into flowers, but they are still round with a hole in the middle

Welcome to our IAST community, Sharlie, and welcome to our Tangled Map ~

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
Happy Doughnut Day (also Fish and Chips Day in the UK!). I put a Croon shape in the centre of one of the circles and then later realised that it had become a ring doughnut.

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
Happy National Donut Day!
my donut memories ... waking up early on a Saturday morning to the nutmeg aroma of mom cooking donuts. She cooked the “bellybuttons” (the balls cut from the center) and saved them for our brown bag lunch treats during the week. The recipe was handed down from my grandmother, along with all the stories that bring families together.
Cheers to nutmeg donuts and to Margaret Bremner’s tangles and amazing creativity.

From Lynn F. (Florida) ~
I love National Donut Day but I don’t eat donuts anymore!
It was always a fun day at work where we would gather around the boxes and figure out which donuts were calorie worthy.
I had fun with these three new-to-me tangles and I made one donut with sprinkles. I wonder if our friends around the world also have sprinkles on their pastries.
Here’s my tile.

From Sue Leslie, CZT (New Mexico) ~
Donuts for my 68th Birthday!! What fun! And a milestone too as this was the last page in my IAST moleskin Journal from #250-293. A full turn around the sun as started this last June. Did some and missed some but always fun. Thanks for the challenges and always the fun Adele. On to another year of adventures for me and of course more IAST fun.

From Jane (Surrey, United Kingdom) ~
Loved everything about this one! I used a grey tile, white charcoal and 6B graphite pencil. Great fun! Thanks as always.

From Gabi (Germany) ~
Thanks for this lovely idea!
Pixioze and croon really were fun to do and such a yummy string...

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~
Thanks for this lovely idea!
Pixioze and croon really were fun to do and such a yummy string...

From Judy Wanner, CZT (Pennsylvania) ~
Hi sweet Adele! Finally finished one, have so many starts. Late yes and absolutely no need to include. It was a fun one. Gotta love those Pixioze....very addicting. Anything from Margaret is golden. I want to be like her also when I grow up...
PS: I was thinking I should have skipped the bottom donut and told you I ate it ;)

Thank you all for the most delicious display of tangled treats - and for making me very hungry!

Many thanks and kudos to Margaret Bremner, CZT for her fabulous tangles ~
Pixioze  and

Please check back later today for IAST #294. 

I am off to rock a sweet baby boy💙.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

"It's a String Thing" #293

It's Tuesday, your good news day!

This first week in June in the U.S. brings National Donut Day - marked on the first Friday of the month of June.

The origins of this delicious day date back to the Salvation Army, World War I, and the volunteers who served donuts to our troops.  (Click here to read about it in last year's IAST challenge.)

Everyone has a sweet memory associated with donuts, I am certain. A few of mine come to mind...

In our family on birthday mornings, donuts are always the breakfast treat.

Before Krispy Kreme spread throughout the South, Lou and I would drive out of our way to Daytona Beach just to be able to purchase their lighter than air sugary treats.

Then there was the time I was visiting our grandchildren in South Bend, Indiana.  I promised the kids, as I tucked them into bed one night, that we would get donuts for breakfast the next morning.  We woke up to one of the worst blizzards I can remember - totally snowed in.  We ended up making our own donuts and had the most wonderful time together gobbling up those warm sugary treats.

In celebration of the donut, and of our own delectable memories, let's celebrate by tangling with this string ~

IAST #293 String by Adele Bruno, CZT

Just this week, I was reminded again of what a huge fan I am of Margaret Bremner, CZT.
Click here to view her latest post that features a page from her journal.  It is so impressive.

Let's use a few of Margaret's tangles for our challenge ~

This makes me think of sprinkles - and where would donuts be without sprinkles?!

This classic is just plain fun to draw.

This can be used alone or as a filler - very versatile.

If not anything else, this challenge is sure to make you hungry!

Here are the (Not so) Official Guidelines:
* Challenges are posted on Tuesdays.
*Use the string posted for the week and some or all of the suggested patterns
* Submit a photo of your tile saved as jpg or scan your tile (300 dpi or higher) and save as a jpg
*Email your jpg file as an attachment to -
*Entries for IAST are to be submitted by Saturday evening of the week issued
*Photos and notes are (usually) posted on the following Monday
Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world. WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR NAME, PLEASE INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for you to have a blog or website to participate.

If you do have a blog or website, I will add a link upon request.
Please include the site specific URL.

I look forward to your emails.


Monday, June 3, 2019

"It's a String Thing" #292 Tiles

Welcome back and welcome to the month of June!

For the past two weeks, as Memorial Day was observed, we had the opportunity to tangle and remember the heroic service men and women who gave their lives in defense of our precious freedoms.

Let's take a look at the tiles ~

The first arrived from Lisette, CZT 32 (Switzerland) ~
Herewith my attempt to bring these three tangles together. I found it quite difficult. But I had a lot of playing with Fife. I drew Fife often when I started tangling.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*wonderful shading and shine of Fife
*multiple variations of Fünf and lightly penciled Furr Balls

From Gale Sherman, CZT (Tucson, Arizona) ~
Adele, I'm continually amazed at how often coincidences and connections occur! They happen so often enough that I'm not surprised but fascinated at how different each one is. I saw this challenge yesterday morning and soon left to teach a Zentangle class at a support group for adults with brain injuries. My first tile included Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh and Printemps. One group member arrived just as I was teaching Hollibaugh. When I was going around to give help and encouragement, I could see he wasn't drawing and was watching me. When I got to him he said, "I can see and understand what you are drawing, but I can't. (His tile had 3 helter-skelter lines on it.) I was an electrical engineer for NASA am an a perfectionist." I told him whatever he did was fine with me. When I got to teaching Printemps I mentioned it was a designed not only seen in petroglyphs around the world but is also a shape that many young children draw. Immediately this man added, "And we see it in the sky. They are galaxies."

So how many times have I taught Printemps? No one has ever mentioned galaxies. I agreed since I knew I had seen photographs of spirals in the universe and when I got home I looked them up. Yes, Edwin Hubble originally described "spiral galaxies" in 1936 and THANKFULLY I was reminded of them yesterday. So my tile represents Memorial Days celebrated around a #Fife world adorned with flowers. #Funf is on the points of the string and my golden #Furr-Balls (which are the basis of Printemps) represent the "spiral galaxies" in honor of the frustrated and charming man I met yesterday. He stayed for the whole class and personally thanked me for coming to teach and giving all of them the "Ten to Zen" poem Molly posted last year on the website.
 Tangled Tidbits -
Thank you for that 'heavenly' story, Gale, and sharing your continued good work.  I love the connection to galaxies and Printemps.
*blooming Fife
*Fünf tipped string lines

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
Attacked is my tile for ‘ It’s A String, Thing #292’ Challenge.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*long, curvy, overlapping Furr Ball lines
*Fünf in Fünf - that's fun!

From Ria Matheussen, CZT (Belgium) ~
Here I am with my entry for your challenge number 292.
After a long time, I decided to use one of my watercoloured tiles and
started with the given string. I didn't make in the middle but on the
left side beneath to form a big Fünf. Two smaller ones followed. Than I
filled the space inside the frame with Fife and finished with one
little Furball and some Tipples, just outside the frame.
I enjoyed this challenge very much, you start to draw but you will never
know where it takes you and almost I forgot thank you for
giving us pleasant moments while drawing!
Have a wonderful weekend and send you warm regards from Belgium
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Fünf rises over a lovely field of Fife
*rounded Fife and Fünf corners

From Lynn G. (Florida) ~
With thoughts of those who protect and protected us.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*red tipped Fife and white on blue
*arrow tipped Furr Balls - all beautifully framed by the flag

From Lin H. (Florida) ~
Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, Adele. Thanks for your challenge. Fife is one of my favorite tangles and Funf and Furrballs were fun, too.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*shaded Fife creates a frame of Fünf and Furr Balls
*pretty patriotic colors

From Sra (India) ~
Here's my tile for the week.
I enjoyed doing Fife and even though the Funf and Furr Balls didn't look so great initially, they grew on me after I worked on them some more and changed the view. I forgot to sign it, though!
Thanks for hosting!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*detailed Tipple filled Fife
*lighter Furr Balls and dark aura-ed Fünf

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
In my cobwebbed mind ... Decoration/Memorial Day = visits to cemeteries with fresh picked lilacs in mason jars. The scent filled the old blue VW bus. We’d visit with relatives who had passed on while Mom told us stories so we would know the person, not just their headstone engravings. Mom’s memories are now mine. Crazy how that happens.
Giving thanks for lilac memories and for those who are and have served. 

Tangled Tidbits - 
Beautifully expressed, thank you, Sharyn.
*Fife fit to the string spaces radiates from the star
*weighted Printemps, highlights shine

From Margarete (Germany) and here on her blog ~
my contribution to your challenge looks a bit wild this time, because the background is a bit restless. Nevertheless, I find the result quite interesting. One can find it on my blog under the link
Thank you for this interesting challenge.
Greetings from Germany
 Tangled Tidbits -
*wonderful Fife variations
*countless curves spin around Furr Balls

From Sue Leslie (New Mexico) ~
Happy Memorial Day to all the US tanglers. Take a moment on Monday to remember all who served and died for the precious freedoms we all have today. These were all new tangles to me this time. And a challenge with the string as well. Took a bit of playing before I managed to get it to come together for me. And as usual, was fun. Thanks Adele for your hard work keeping us all on our toes.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Furr Balls and Fünf peek through Fife
*enthatched centers for Fife

From Karen Aicken (Alberta, Canada) and here on her blog ~
I hope enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for the challenge - all three are new-to-me tangles!
Here is my entry for the challenge. I traced a Zentangle tile into my sketchbook.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*angled Fife with soft shading and rounded center corners
*Furr Balls and Fünf share curls

From Sally Whiteman (New Zealand) ~
Many thanks for a great challenge. My stars are more like flowers but I enjoyed doing them.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Fife in bold contrast
*elongated Furr Balls lines - how fun!

From Antony Visconti (Milan, Italy) ~
Here's my tile in honor of those who have sacrificed themselves in the name of truth, freedom and justice.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*beautiful details for Fünf complete with a flower like center
*bold contrasts of light and dark, line and curve

From Laurel Davis, CZT #28 (New York) ~
I’ve always loved Fife, but Funf and Furr Balls we’re new to me. Such fun tangles to work with this week. Thanks, Adele!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*colorful tangles pop against the bold black background
*shading and lighter tangles add depth

From Marjan Heemskerk (The Netherlands) ~
After our Memorial day we celebrate Liberation day ( may 4 and 5). For both days we have a symbol, a torch with a flame/bird. Both days are very impressive. Remembering and celebrating. It is wonderful and important that this happens all over the world.
 Tangled Tidbits -
It truly is.
*beautiful center symbol
*delightful aura, dots, shading, touches of color

From JoAnne (Ontario, Canada) ~
Here is my tile for IAST 292. It kind of looks like a party!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*a happy party of color and tangles
*string lines covered with Fife shapes and tangles spin outward

From Rebecca (Stamford, Connecticut) ~
Happy Summer! Well not officially I guess, but Memorial weekend always feels like the start of summer to me. Wish I could have captured the sparkle of my stars but sadly my phone camera just doesnt do it justice. Thanks for another fun challenge!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*sparkly stars and colorful Furr Balls abound
*highlights adorn Fife

From Allison (California) ~
Here is my offering for this week’s challenge.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*each string section filled to the brim with tangles
*Fife shines with various sized grids

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
Loved Furr Balls. I found it very satisfying to draw. I also like a grid so enjoyed revisiting Fife”.
 Tangled Tidbits -
...and a dot grid is especially nice, isn't it?
*pretty blue background for Fife
*Furr Balls spring from each other

From Angie Gittles (Maryland) ~
Another Memorial Day has come and gone. I hope everyone took at least a few minutes to remember the heroes being honored. It’s not my favorite holiday, but it is what it is. Sigh. Anyway, enjoy this subtly colored tile filled with fife, funf, furr balls, rain, deeboops, and sand swirl.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*a beautiful mix of tangles
*Rain covered string lines and a new tangle for each string space

A very warm welcome to Annette Bode (Germany) ~
Attached is my first IAST-tile :-)
Greetings from Germany
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Furr Balls spirals with dots and dashes
*multiple sizes and variations of Fife

Welcome to our IAST community and welcome to our Tangled Map, Annette!  So very happy that you joined in...

From Nor'dzin (Wales, United Kingdom) ~
Here’s my tile for your latest challenge.
Thank you and best wishes
 Tangled Tidbits -
*weighted lines and aura
*background of large grid of Fife with detail lines and highlights

From T. ~
I hope you enjoyed the short break offered by the extra day in the long weekend.
I finished my tile early, but held on to it because I wasn’t certain I liked it as it was. However, the longer I looked at it the more it grew on me, so here it is.
For this challenge, I enjoyed working with Fife in both forms, although, I may have a slight bias toward the ‘flower of life’ version.
Fünf and Furr Balls were both new-to-me but fun to work with nonetheless.
I also continue to use the colour palette I put together a few challenges ago.
As usual, thanks for another fun challenge
 Tangled Tidbits -
...such is the beauty of tangling - time and distance add to the appreciation of your finished work...
*large and smaller Fife accented with the use of color
*aura-ed and singular Fünf

From Amy L., CZT (Connecticut) ~
I have missed the last couple of challenges—I’ve been busy, and also have started actually teaching so my tangle time has been spent prepping for classes! But I wanted to get back on track, so here is my tile. I actually did it last week and was thinking about going another one, but didn’t get to it, so here is my original one. I tried a version of fife that was different than I had done before. I didn’t love funf, but I had a lot of fun with furr balls, and then decided it looked like fireworks so added ahh. As always it was challenging and interesting. I am in awe of your creativity!
 Tangled Tidbits -
So glad you are back - it is difficult at times to make the time, but practice is imperative.
*great combination of Ahh, Furr Balls and Funf
*alternating dark and light filled Funf

From VenaC. (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
Another fun challenge. I like fife a lot. My funf is not exactly perfect but OK. I did remember to breathe and didn't feel as if I had to rush to finish. Thanks for these challenges.
 Tangled Tidbits -
Good for you!
*double lined Fife border complete with alternating light and dark background
*blue field features stars

From Mariam G. (Port Hueneme, California) ~
Here is my tile for IAST292 (can you believe we are almost to 300!).
Have a lovely weekend.
 Tangled Tidbits -
...I was hesitant to point that out - thank you for doing that, Mariam!
*patriotic colors accent Fife rows, Furr Balls and Fünf field of blue

From Sue Agnew (Tucson, Arizona) ~
Participating in Tickled to Tangle sometimes has unexpected benefits! So many people who sent in tiles knew of Tomàs Padrós and mentioned Instagram, so I looked him up and quickly followed him. He has an architectural, three-dimensional style (and is also easy on the eyes).
I really really tried to use your string with five compartments, but in the end I couldn’t help myself and gave in to my need for symmetry. Fife is one of those tangles I used to do all the time and for some reason forgot about. So I looked back in old sketchbooks, and I found I sometimes drew it with circles where the “rice shapes” come together. Maybe that’s a different tangle entirely … but anyway I like it. So I did that version, plus the offset version that looks more like flowers. When I was playing with Fünf and Furr Balls I ended up morphing them into little whirling stars.
Hope you had a good holiday!
 Tangled Tidbits -
Don't you love an old familiar tangle?
*two lovely Fife variations
*curled ends for Fife in multiple variations

From Cheryl (Missouri) ~
Looking at my entry, one must remember that there are no mistakes in the beautiful art of Zentangle!
Pro: Loved the challenge and results
Con: Should have practiced with new Tombows
 Tangled Tidbits - very true - no mistakes!
*one large glowing Fife along the string lines
*multiple fields of Fife and Furr Balls

From Moblue (Bremen, Germany) ~
So sorry for being late. I didn’t read the timeline right and finished my tile today only. Nevertheless I send it, as it was so much fun to draw.
Even if it won’t be in this round, I hardly can wait to see all the others on Monday.
Happy tangeling from
Moblue, Bremen, Germany
 Tangled Tidbits -
You were right on time!
*aura-ed Fünf, shaded and sparkled
*detailed Fife, beautifully shaded

From Lynn F (Florida) ~
Sorry this is late!
I had it finished earlier this week but completely forgot to send it in. I think the hot weather has fried my brain.
I enjoyed the three new tangle patterns and added Lex and Msst to the party.
Thanks for all you do.
 Tangled Tidbits - are just in time!
*lovely finishes for Fife
*each string sections finished with its own wonderful tangle

This is my tile ~
I began with Funf on the string line, followed by Fife.  I thought that I would add Fife to alternating string sections, but found it such a wonderful tangle to get lost in that it just kept growing and I had to stop myself before I filled in the entire tile with it.  A bit of patriotic red, white, and blue, and a smattering smaller tangles finished it off.

And lastly, from Felicity Strohfeldt (Velddrif, South Africa) ~
Spent a week up north in Limpopo last week at a cultural conference for language and heritage matters so zenning was on the back burner. Anyway caught up this weekend. Yes we also have a Remembrance Day in SA. My Mom also lost her son, Eugene, my half brother during WWII. He was in the air force and was lost in action over the Mediterranean Sea. Left a sadness in her up to her passing at 93 years old. War has such a dreadful influence on the populations involved, yet we never seem to succeed in creating and keeping the peace around our beautiful planet. So sad.
Hope and prayer is all we need to succeed.
Love to all

Tangled Tidbits -
Thank you for those wise words, Felicity.
*alternating light and dark string sections, grand details
*center Furr Balls spiral beautifully embellished

Thank you all for an incredible show of tiles.  Our veterans would be very proud to know how appreciated they are.

Many thanks to the creators of the tangles we used this week ~

Fife by Molly Hollibaugh

Fünf by Denise Rudd, CZT

Furr Balls by Carolyn Coyle

Check back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing" # 294 - we are inching our way to #300!!