Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

At the close of my Tuesday morning posts that feature the "It's a String Thing" challenge for the week, I always say, "Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world." is a story for you.  It comes from Ragged Ray, a steady contributor to my weekly challenges, a writer, and - without the benefit of a CZT near her in the south of England - a self-taught tangler.

This week she sent a photo of her tile and I inadvertently overlooked it for Monday's post.  

I am beginning to think that it was a bit Providential because she resent it along with a note that really touched my heart...and supplied our words of wisdom for today.  I'll end this post with her quote, but first - here is her lovely tile -
"It's a String Thing" #24 by Ragged Ray
She said that as soon as she saw the string line, she thought "it looked like a paintbrush applying an arc of colour."  Not able to shake the image, she had fun with it instead - "imagining a magic brush painting out all manner of crazy patterns!"

She used larger center white spaces in Yabbut, giving an argyle look to the tangle.  She created a lovely border of Yew-Dee for the wonderfully shaded Y-Ful Power.

Another treat from Ragged Ray comes in the form of her new blog where she has posted, among other delightful things, two beautiful flip books of her contributions to the "It's a String Thing" challenges.  She has such a pleasant and welcoming manner to her writing.  To visit click here - The Ragged Ray

In closing, a quote from Ragged Ray as she noted her growth on this tangled journey since last summer:
I think finding and joining your challenges and the encouragement from you and seeing others work has really helped. I think, while it's true that I could learn the basics fairly well from a book, it's definitely an activity that benefits from practice within a community - even if that is a virtual one.

Thank you Ragged Ray and to all of the tangled artists who make up this wonderful Zentangle® community.  You inspire and encourage me.


  1. To Ragged, did you ever hear the story of Maria Thomas' ( half of he couple responsible for Zentangle) recurring dream when she was a child? She dreamed that she had invented a new color of paint. It turns out she has! The result of which is perfectly illustrated in this latest of your tiles!!

  2. Hi Sindy - no, I hadn't heard that story. It's great. Thanks for sharing with me, and adding another dimension to my tile!