Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Valentine ZIA to Love

Now this is love...

Vicky Brison, a regular contributor to the weekly "It's a String Thing" challenge, sent in this charming piece -

by Vicky Brison
She traced her hand and then her precious granddaughter's.  She used just two tangle patterns, CZT Suzanne McNeill's Bubbles and CZT Sandy Bartholomew's Buttercup which gives her ZIA (Zentangle® Inspired Art) a simple and sweet feel.

Now that is love.

Thank you Vicky for sharing your drawing and for the idea.

Try your hand (pun intended) at this with someone you love for Valentine's Day - spread the joy!


  1. Adele...Thanks for posting. this is especially dear to me now because Nola recently moved out of thankful for the sweet little memory of this day.

  2. Vicky, what a sweet sweet idea! So going to do this! Thank you!

    Sindy P