Friday, July 1, 2016

Tips for Tangling Dew Drops on IZA

Yesterday, my featured tile sparked a request for a few tips on tangling dew drops.  Here is what I've drawn up ~

For even more instruction, Lynn Mead, CZT  has a wonderful tutorial on her blog, A Tanglers Mind.  Click here to view.  Lynn includes a detailed graphic of how to shade a dew drop.

Special thanks to Kim for her description of the "crisp thin line" for the top of dew drop - a product of Saturday's class.

Dew drops can be added to enhance most any tangle.  If you've been meaning to give them a try, I do hope this provides the nudge you need.



  1. Thanks so much for your Tips for Tangling Dew Drops!
    I'm looking forward to trying them!