Thursday, July 7, 2016

O, O, O, a Tangling We Will Go!

A New Step Out...

A few weeks ago, my  Wednesday's Words of Wisdom featured a tile that I completed featuring circular shapes filled with lines.  The idea for the pattern came from something I saw on the front of a greeting card.

I've tangled it many times since, and it has happily grown into a pattern.  I'll explain more below, but first, here are the step outs ~

In a recent class, when I mentioned that our daughter Catherine was newly engaged, one of my students asked if I had a pattern named for my future son-in-law.  

Since I'd already been tossing the idea of these little O's around, it seemed only natural to develop it into a tangle and name it after Catherine's beloved, Oswald.  

Here is a picture of the happy couple ~

The future Mr. and Mrs. Perkins

A few notes about the step out:

*I consider this a tangle even though the first steps are done with a pencil.  If you think of the penciled orbs as string lines, then this fits the definition of a tangle :)

*The size of the circles and the thickness of each channel vary to add interest.

*Notice that the word "orb" is used.  
It is a good idea not to get caught up in trying to draw circles.  Yes, you will pencil in rounded shapes, but even when you add the detail lines, they will change a bit.  As with all tangling, the end result is very much the sum of all of its parts.  

*The initial pencil lines, true to string lines, blend into the shading and are not noticeable in the finished tile.

*There are examples of shading the outside and inside of each circle.  You can also shade both as I did in the Renaissance example above.

This same idea that I've used with circles can be applied to most any basic shape and work well - triangles, ovals, rectangles, hearts, etc.

Some additional variations to consider:  add sparkle, curve the lines, make the inside circles a bit off center.

I do hope you enjoy exploring the possibilities O provides.


  1. Gorgeous couple! And, as I know them personally, I can unequivocally say, both are sweet as sugar!!!
    Btw, anyone ever make pompoms? This looks like the cardboard circles I'd cut and then wrap and wrap with yarn, then cut and fluff into pompoms! Love this one Adele!!

    1. Thank you, Sindy. I love the pom pom reference - I made many of those back in the day!

  2. Thanks Adele, and congrats to the Sweet Couple, love an 'airy' tangle!Hope the "future son-in-law" knows how special he is having a TANGLE named for him??!!

    1. Thank you for the congrats, Patsy. I think Oswald will appreciate it ;)