Monday, July 4, 2016

"It's a String Thing" #151 Tiles

Happy Fourth of July!

As we celebrate the gifts of freedom and democracy in our great nation today, the tiles from this week's challenge add to the festivities.  We used a double arced string and tangles that brought thoughts of fireworks.
Tiles and good wishes are still coming in for our Zensquicentennial and they are included below as well.

Let's take a look ~

The first tiles arrived from Ragged Ray (United Kingdom) ~
... I was so sad to miss your big String Thing birthday last week - so include a little belated Bijou best wishes from me!
And so to this week - I think my tile is a case of showing how many ways Floatfest can go wrong - but still a pleasure to do. And my coloured pearls look more like truffles - but that's fine too. Best wishes for your Independence Day celebrations - but at a time when my country (but not me!) voted to disconnect from the greater world, I'm pleased that Zentangle acts to bring us all closer together! Long may it continue.

Tangled Tidbits - 
*free floating Floatfest - how fun!
*beautiful shading

From Ilse Lukken (The Netherlands) and here on her blog ~
Floatfest is a challenge to me, but I liked doing it today. I even added some decorations ;-)
Tangled Tidbits -
*details added to the inside of Floatfest lines
*shading adds wonderful dimension

From Sarah (Michigan) ~
I always enjoy a Carole Ohl tangle! Admittedly Floatfest is something I only tried once before. But it wasn't bad at all. I kind of got the feeling to quit while I was ahead on this one. It had a great string set up, and tangles that fit so I stopped at the point I did and was happy.
Tangled Tidbits -
*Floatfest mirrored on the string line
*Afterglow addition

From Kathi G, CZT  ( New Jersey)
Here is my submission for this week's challenge. I recently attended Tangle U in Maine, and came home with lots of water-colored tiles. So, I decided to finally use one!
Tangled Tidbits -
*colors add a touch of sunshine
*Ahh sparkles

From Cheryl Stocks (Black Canyon City, Inferno, Arizona) ~
Belated anniversary greetings. It took me a while to do #150 as all I was seeing was the "150" and not the potential for the art of it. I twisted the string around and voila! Zen happiness. Colored with Spectrum Noir permanent pencils.
For this weeks challenge, I tried (again...and again...) the #heftyhack that Laura Harms proposed on her challenge blog a couple weeks ago. It took me a little bit to get something I liked, but there was a small reward. This tile used Prismacolor markers and kosher salt for the background which worked nicely to create little fireworks all on its own.
I'll have to try Floatfest and your string some other time; it looks like good, clean fun!

And a few days later, Cheryl did have fun with Floatfest ~
Tangled Tidbits -
*a f-ahh-bulous nod to the Fourth
*shadowed arcs of Floatfest

From Michele Wynne (California) and here on her blog ~
Fortunately I was able to get this weeks challenge done earlier than usual. I'll be heading out of town for some fun and sun for a nice looonnnng birthday weekend (4th of July baby). I had Fireworks! on the brain as I've been creating a set of ATC's for a swap so I let the challenge go in that direction...Have a happy and safe 4th.
Tangled Tidbits - 
*spectacular fireworks display of Ahh
*sparkled Floatfest arcs
Happy Birthday, Michele!

From Jean Beckstrom (Alabama) ~
I was on vacation when your wonderful Zensquicentennial challenge came. Oh how I wish I could have participated. I think the participants out-did themselves. All were so beautiful and well done. I enjoyed seeing each and every one. I know how excited you must have been receiving them. Congratulations! Many more to come!
I did my best on This weeks challenge, but it sure could be better. If time permits I might try a second one later this week. Floatfest was new to me, but I know versions of it will probably be used many times in the future. A lovely tangle challenge.
Tangled Tidbits -
*lovely looped arcs of Floatfest
*Ahh explosions - including an Afterglow Ahh

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
Hi, In challenge 138 “Citrus” I really liked some steampunk style submissions. I have been waiting for an opportunity to have a go myself and this is the week! Good to have something to take my mind off political turmoil for an hour or so. Best wishes,

 Tangled Tidbits -
*wonderful melding of tangling and steampunk
*thick, folded arcs of Floatfest

From Tina Kirchhübel (Germany) and here on her blog ~
The first idea when I saw the new string was a rainbow and this is what I made. Then I tangled Floatfest that was new to me. I love this tangle because there are so many possibilities to draw it and it's always so elegant.
I drew Ahh as a sky full of stars and added Msst (for rain). Thank you, Adele for this great challenge.
Greetings from Germany
 Tangled Tidbits -
*star-like Ahh
*colorful rainbow for Floatfest's base

From smgg (Taiwan) and on her Istagram ~
Have a nice day!!!
Tangled Tidbits -
*shaded string arcs define spaces
*two variations of Floatfest

From Joanne Faherty (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom) ~
Here's my entry for the week, love all the variations you came up with for floatfest, love the look of the folded ribbon.

Tangled Tidbits -
*Ahh in Floatfest arcs
*shaded and elegant folds of Floatfest

From Aloyna Pakhomova (Toronto, Canada) ~
Some fireworks for Canada Day which is today (July 1). Just in time. :)

Tangled Tidbits -
*long legs of Ahh fill Floatfest
*soft shading throughout

And a few days later, Aloyna made it a family affair ~
Hope I am too late. At least here in Toronto it's still Saturday. :)
My son Vasiliy is taking your challenge again. And this time his little brother Dobromil was tangling with him. They both asked me to send their tiles.
Vasiliy's tile is marked VP, another tile is Dobromil's.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Floatfest corners
*large center Ahh - and I spy two little cars :)
 Tangled Tidbits -
*bold black and white arcs of Floatfest
*light touch of Ahh

A very warm welcome to Virginia Biber (Pennsylvania) ~
Here's my first time submission, two results for string 151. I've been enjoying Zentangle for some time now, having been introduced to it by my friend, Linda Goncalves (lucky me!).
Thank you for all you do!

Tangled Tidbits -
*multilayered Floatfest
*festive Ahh

From Val Steele (Johannesburg, South Africa) ~
I've used Floatfest (which i will definitely use lots more), Ahh, ButtaCup and Beelight.
Happy Holiday weekend to you all from a chilly South Africa.

Tangled Tidbits -
*various sizes of Ahh - effervescent
*alternating light and dark spaces of Floatfest and beautiful shading throughout

From sra (India) ~
About: I really liked doing them. I wanted to blacken some loops in the first tile but I didn't want to take a chance and did a second tile for that, but I went all loopy on that and liked the shading so I didn't fill in the black there either! After a long time, I think my shading improved...
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Floatfest arcs repeat as a border
*Ahh in each Floatfest arc
*free floating legs of the upper rows of Floatfest
*stripes and soft shading

From Karen (The Creative Miss L, Canberra, Austalia) and here on her blog ~
Here’s my tile for this week. Done in a rush. Busy, busy week then catching an early plan tomorrow to Launceston and my couple of day working with Shelly Beauch.
A request for you: can you put all your step-outs in one place on your website? I find them very useful but can’t always find them.

Tangled Tidbits -
*lovely loose string of Floatfest
*light touch of Ahh
NOTE:  Thank your for asking, Karen.  All of my Tips for Tangling can be found under the label "Pattern Tutorials" (on the right hand side of my blog page.)

From Anja (East Frisia, Germany) and here on her blog ~
Dear Adele, thank you so much for the wonderful Challenge! I had a lot of fun! Floatfest was new to me. It is such a beautiful tangle!
Tangled Tidbits -
*perf rimmed Floatfest and string arc
*very pleasing mix of light and dark

From Karin (Germany) ~
this is my entry to no. 151.
My old tiles were used up so that I could try out a new sort of tiles with a new pattern
Very exciting and very relaxing at the same time!
Greetings from Germany!
Tangled Tidbits -
*aura-ed arcs
*shaded layers of Floatfest

From Ingrid (The Netherlands) ~
Here is my tile # 151.
It was my first try on Floatfest, but I liked it very much. Need to practice more to feel familiar with this tangle...
Have a blessed Fourth of July day, with lots of love,
 Tangled Tidbits -
*deep black perfs and delicately finished legs of Floatfest
*detailed shading

From Rebecca I (Stamford, Connecticut) ~
Floatfest was such a fun tangle to learn! And I really enjoyed seeing all of your great variations. Thanks, as always, for the fun challenge!
Tangled Tidbits -
*layers and layers of lovely Floatfest
*aura-ed arcs, layered with shading

From Hilary Gibbons (Southern, Spain) ~
Here are my string things #151. I'm not very good with the technical stuff so not happy with the photos but did not want to it to beat me :)
I took inspiration from the set of 4 you had done as I really loved the idea of melding them all together and my mind just kept thinking 'tiaras'! I do not have tiles so used my sketch pad. I hope this will be ok?
 Tangled Tidbits -
*spectacular variations of Floatfest
*varying details fill Floatfest lines
*center Ahh sparks outlying ones
Hilary sent these photos of her four beautiful individual tiles ~

From Sue Agnew (Arizona) ~
Here's #151 (sorry again to miss 150!).
I enjoyed experimenting with Floatfest. While I was practicing I could imagine how the arcs could make a continuous spiral if they were joined up a little differently, so that's what I played with. The idea was that one row would look like the other row's shadow, but then I couldn't decide which one should be the shadow. Since shadows are often longer than what they're shadowing, I picked the row with the longer loops. That also gave me room for some Ahhhs. Then on the second Ahhh I made the vertical line too long (Arrgh) so I had to pretend I meant to do it that way.
When I first started Zentangling I didn't like shading with pencil because it was too messy and smudgy, so I got brush tipped Pitt pens in several shades of cool grey. Then when I started doing Tickled to Tangle I could see times when using a pencil and stump achieves a better effect. In this case I used the Pitt pen for the large areas (the "shadow"), and then I used a pencil and stump in the Arrghs (I mean Ahhhs) because I wanted something more diffuse.
Happy 4th of July to you on Monday!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*a terrific blend of techniques, pen and marker, for shading
*very clever take on Floatfest

From Allison Durno (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada) ~
So I ended up cheating a bit on my Floatfest. It was only after I finished drawing it and shading it that I went back to the step-out and realized the lines were supposed to bend right back down to the bottom of the curve. Still, I liked it the way I drew it, so I decided to leave it. I made this square a bit more minimal, with just a simple Ahh above and below the Floatfest because I have a tendency to make my squares very busy. I like this one a little more sparse. Enjoy your fireworks on Monday!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*multi-layered shading complete with sparkle
*two large and lovely Ahh

From Julie Bazuzi (Washington) and here on her blog ~
Ahh! always reminds me of fireworks, which is fitting for we here in the US about to celebrate our Independence Day. I thought I should stick with the theme and use a new technique I learned from Eni Oken CZT 24 called Glow on the Dark. Happy 4th to those who celebrate!

Tangled Tidbits -
*gorgeous, glowing colors
*multiple variations of Floatfest and Ahh pops in the foreground and background

From Jenny Hopkins (Australia) ~
I hope you have enjoyed the good wishes on your Zensquicentennial celebrations. You deserve as many accolades as the tangling community can send you. Well done and thank you!
 Here is my entry IAST 151. I am really struggling with the curves this week. I guess I need to practise.

Tangled Tidbits - 
*large and small arcs for Floatfest - and the curves are just right
*deep black spaces compliment the lighter ones

From Henrike Bratz (Germany) ~
I’ve been lacking the time to participate in your challenge for weeks, but I just read your post and instantly remembered your first floatfest-post from September 2013. It then inspired me to tangle the zendala, which you find attached.

Tangled Tidbits - 
*sensational zendala - a great example for all of us to use
*detail lines, perfs, shading, deep dark background - lovely!

From Anita A Westin (Dalarna, Sweden) and here on her blog ~
Here comes my entry with Floatfest and Aah! My first time with floatfest and I found that the pattern is really a happy one.

Tangled Tidbits - 
*delightful dimension, sparkle, shading
*perf filled spaces and Ahh filled arcs of Floatfest

From Sharyn Penna (Massachusetts) ~
Your prize arrived Saturday ... I'm tickled pink! I love your frames and highly recommend them to all. They're smooth egg shell finish is such an even, rich, deep black and the magnets are stunning little nuggets. I've gifted two frames ... now I have one (along with your note and artwork) to cherish! Thank you sooo much! And the photos of Ella holding the name was absolutely precious.
My tile sits upon the frame. It was one of my favorite prompts of all time.
Many many thanks!
Cheers to a wicked (that means good :) happy Independence Day!
Congratulations again, Sharyn.  How fun that your frame arrived in time for this week's challenge!
Tangled Tidbits - 
*finely detailed Floatfest, each layer softly shaded
*Onomato lined string arcs
*Ahh tipped corners

And now...
the tile for honors this week...
was sent in by...
Jutta Gladnigg (Germany) ~
4th of July fireworks celebrating Miss Liberty
Tangled Tidbits -
*a very clever nod to Miss Liberty
*glowing Ahh fireworks
*delicate and multi-layered Floatfest
*dark arcs and stripes anchor Floatfest below Ahh
*detailed shading

Congratulations, Jutta!
I have a little some thing coming in the mail for you.

Thank you to all of our participants this week.  We appreciate being able to learn from you and are inspired by your beautiful work.

Many thanks to the creative minds behind the tangles used with my string:
Maria Thomas  for Ahh and
Carole Ohl, CZT for Floatfest

Check back tomorrow afternoon for "It's a String Thing" #152!


  1. Adele, I am in AWE at your challenges and the many, many Folks from all over the world that respond. Each time I look at the entries sent, it amazes me that there are so many creative and talented people that love this craze called "ZENTANGLE". I personally love your site, your work and all that you do to encourage it. Many thanks to you for your beautiful ART.

    1. Thank you, thank you for your kind words and compliments - great fuel for my work. I, too, am continually amazed at the display of talent each week.

  2. Adele, thank you for the round-up and everything that you do. I loved the children's tiles, they were so cute. - Sra