Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tips for Tangling Mi2

3G Mi2 - An Alternate Step Out for CZT Mimi Lempart's Popular Mi2

This step out began at zenAgain 2018.  

On the last day of the conference I had the pleasure of sitting next to - and thoroughly enjoying the company of - Nancy Domnauer from California (  We were paying attention (as best we could) to Maria Thomas as she taught a concept she called Vining. It consisted of linked 'C' strokes and organic tangles.

While I enjoyed the exercise, my mind wandered to other tangling possibilities and suddenly to
a EUREKA! moment.

I hurriedly grabbed a piece of paper, fumbled for a Micron, and nudged Nancy to watch what I was drawing.  

"That" she exclaimed in an excited whisper,"was worth the three grand it took me to get here!" and we both doubled over in muffled laughter.

Nancy's exclamation was priceless (pardon the pun) and forever linked to the moment and this discovery.  So in honor of Nancy, I have named my step out 3G ~

While I kept the examples very simple, as Mimi illustrates on TanglePatterns, shading and embellishments make the tangle come alive.

Tangling Mi2 in this manner eliminates the need to begin with a dot grid, angled lines, or even seeds. 

Once you can relax your hand and mind to 'go with the flow', you will just love the freedom it provides.

I do hope you enjoy!


  1. Very fond memories of that grand, laughter-filled time at ZenAgain 2018 with you. :) Nancy

  2. Thank you Adele! I was struggling with this pattern until you posted your version. So much easier! Thank you for sharing!

    Jan Bixby, CZT

    1. Thank you, I am so happy to know that it helped.

  3. Great tweak to a wonderful tangle - thanks for sharing. And your method allows for bends and angles to be put into the C lines which can offer interesting variety to the basic layout.

    Love Nancy's exclamation! I can picture you both, giggling at the back of the class!

  4. Ooooh! I love that idea of the "bends and angles".

    We tried not to be too disruptive :)

  5. Great tips on my tangle, Adele. Could you correct the spelling of my name to Lempart? Thanks!

  6. I am so happy you like them. My apologies on the misspelling, I just made the corrections. Thank you :)