Saturday, February 9, 2019

From and For Juul...

Our faithful IAST community member, Juul from France, sent a tile in for IAST #277 a bit too late to be included in the regular collection.  Instead of amending the previous post, I wanted to give it its own space.

Juul wrote ~
Finaly I manage to send you a tile; i am so happy,some one here lent me a pencil,so i could makesome shadows.....
IAST #277 Tile by Juul

Juul's first tile was for IAST #31 - 248 challenges ago.  Through the years her cheery notes and beautiful tiles have inspired me and the rest of our community, too.
Tangling united us as friends - as it often does with those of us who wallow is this world of line and pattern.

Juul's notes occasionally mentioned challenges with her health, but always with an admirably positive attitude.  Those challenges are getting more difficult and I know that she needs, and would so appreciate, our prayers.

Prayer is powerful and I know she will feel wrapped in ours.

I am grateful to - and for - all of you.



  1. Prayers arising — Sue A

  2. Sending my best wishes, thoughts, and love to Juul. And to you Adele, for bringing us all together in your warm and tangled embrace.