Friday, August 31, 2018

Where I Tangle

Featuring Marjan Heemskerk from The Netherlands 

Marjan wrote to say that it is "wonderful to read where everybody is tangling..."
Below, she shares photographs of the space where she tangles along with "kind regards from a very wet Netherland."  

Marjan writes:
I am tangling for over a year now and my favorite place is a very old desk. It belonged to my father and grandfather. They were both farmers and did all their administration at this desk. I use it for fun now but I like the idea that it is still in the family and that I really use it.

On top of the desk Bijou is watching over me.

When I look to the left, sitting at my desk, I am overlooking the beautiful garden which all the apartments share. When the weather is good I tangle there. A very quiet place with the sound of running water. Very relaxing.

All photographs courtesy of Marjan Heemserk

Thank you, Marjan, for sharing your beautiful and very serene tangling space with us. 

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