Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

“If you would be loved, 
love, and be lovable.”
                                                                                      ~Benjamin Franklin

The photographs to accompany today's quote were sent in by Mariam G (California).
Inspired by "Love Shackz", written by CZT Dorian Eng and myself, Mariam created these two Tiny Tangled Houses ~
Love Shackz by Mariam G
 One was a gift for her husband and the other was a gift for her parents.  Mariam included special details on each house that were meaningful to her loved ones.   
Love Shackz by Mariam G
Many thanks to Mariam for permission to post her beautiful creations and for sharing the love💗


  1. These are adorable and beautifully done. The designs, open space, and colors are so pleasing! Gorgeous work. Thank you for sharing. They go well with what Mr. Franklin had to say.

  2. Beautiful! I'm in love with tangle houses!

  3. Thank you for the honor of showing my Tiny Homes, Adele. As always, your inspiration and encouragement is appreciated. (And these little houses are so very much fun to create!)

  4. WOW,these are beautiful and what a precious gift that is so meaningful!Thanks for sharing them with us Mariam, and also to Adele and Dorian for they wonderful book!