Thursday, March 1, 2018

Tips for Tangling Skelter - Unlocking the Mystery

In response to requests from contributors to IAST #230(click to view), I set out to write up some "Tips for Tangling" Debbie Raaen's heart filled Skelter.

Debbie's step out and tiles show beautifully flowing, spiraling examples of her lovely tangle (click to view).  A few of us, myself included, encountered some challenges when attempting to create the same effect.

After getting to know the tangle better, I believe that I have unlocked the mystery of this beauty.
Read through these "Tips" and see what you think ~

I do hope you found this helpful.   Enjoy!


  1. Adele, these are wonderful tips! I just tried it on a piece of scrap paper and what a difference they look compared to my tile! Thank you for taking the time to create the TIP SHEET and thank you to Debbie Raaen for the beautiful pattern! I made sure to bookmark this page for future!

  2. thank you for a very useful tip dear Adele!