Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tips for Tangling Funsin

Our challenge this week includes the tangle Funsin by Yu Ru Chen. (Click here for all of the delightful details for IAST #230.)

My first attempts with this pattern were a bit wobbly, so I spent time getting to know the tangle, determined to find a way to draw it with ease. 
The result is a slight change to the original step out published on TanglePatterns, but I am confident that this small adjustment will make a big difference. 

By beginning with a lightly penciled mid line, Funsin flows with ease along any string line or border.  This step also eliminates the need to plan or measure -  things that typically chip away at the relaxing nature of tangling.

That thought leads me to the next tip that I developed after my first attempt at creating a border with Funsin.  I looked at Yu Ru Chen's border example and thought, "I can do that!"
Well, as you will see below, I tried to do it.

The lines didn't quite meet up the way I intended and the spacing didn't leave much room for the aura.
This particular "creative opportunity" lead me to develop the mid line approach to the tangle explained above.

Below are my Tips for creating a border like Yu Ru Chen illustrated on her lovely tile ~

I used the penciled mid line on my second attempt ~

Notice that I only added aura to the inside of the tangle.  It was just a personal preference once I added red to the hearts.  The inside aura created a natural space to fill and I added Florz.

The tangle itself is very pretty and I do hope you find these tips helpful as you create beautiful tiles with it.


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