Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom...

and a little ZIA love...

ZIA Snowman Ornament,  Adele Bruno, CZT
This cute little guy is the ornament I made for my husband this year.  I have given him an ornament for most of the thirty Christmases that we've been together.  Some have been purchased, but most of them I have made - each one capturing something sentimental about the previous year.

This year I've combined two things:  my love of all things Zentangle® and a sentiment that made me laugh out loud when I read it.

While shopping this past week, I came across a plaque that pictured a wilting snowman and these witty and charmingly universal words:

It's not an official family gathering until someone has a melt down.

Isn't that so true?!  Picture little ones up to their ears in wrapping paper - exhausted, removed from their usual routine.  Or newlyweds trying to satisfy each side of the family while clinging to time for themselves.  Moms cooking, baking, and entertaining.  Dads being forced to read directions and assemble toys large and small. It's inevitable - someone is bound to have a meltdown.

Reading this just put my whole holiday is perspective and put a smile on my face. Christmas will be Christmas and  for the happiest of reasons - that we are together in proximity or in spirit, that we give simply for the joy it brings, that we take time to tell our friends and family we love them and we care, that our hearts are full of the gratitude, joy, and peace because of Christ's birth.

So bring on the cookies and the carols, the presents and the parties, the shopping and the shipping, the memories and yes, the meltdowns! 


Project particulars:
Purchased unfinished 2.5" wooden snowman
Acrylic paint - white, grey, red
Gelly Roll white pen
Sakura Identi-Pen

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  1. Adele, you continue to amaze. Love your blog, love this post, love your snowman, love your talented writing (don't think for a minute that I missed your lovely, lilting alliteration!). You da bomb. Merry Christmas! ♥