Monday, December 2, 2013

"It's a String Thing" Sweet #16 Tiles

What do you get when thirteen talented tanglers begin with the same string and a single tangle pattern?  A fascinating collection of the most individualized and beautiful tiles! Let's take a look...

Cheryl Rotnem said that this was "fun to do" and that since it was a heart theme "some red would be perfect!"
What a pretty flow she has to her tangle and using red on alternating hearts works beautifully.

Annie Taylor said that she really enjoyed this tangle and found it very "Zen-like to do.  Nothing clever, just repeating the heart shape..."
The way she shaded her tangle makes it appear puffed and the varied sizes and direction add movement to movement - so very pretty.

Joan Delony said that in this first tile she "followed her heart" and ignored the string.  It's lovely.
For her next tile, she used the given string line, but found it very challenging to use the tangle in those confines. 
She said that she persevered through the tug of her perfectionist tendencies - something many of us can relate to - and even though it is a struggle at times, she said she "loves the process and that is rewarding."  Thank you for teaching the rest of us by your example.

Carmen Hoffman wrote, "This was fun and relaxing.  I really enjoy your blog and all the wonderful tangles that are sent in each week."
Carmen's use of aura with her tangle along the string lines produces a beautiful variation.  Thank you Carmen and welcome!

Jenna Wheatman said that her confidence is boosted by doing these challenges.  Just take a look:

Jenna achieved a gorgeous effect by darkening the middle section of Heartstrings and adding sparkle.  Her tangles appear cozy and tufted - very elegant!

Ragged Ray said that she is "not keen on drawing hearts" so this was "a bit daunting" for her to try.  Once she got beyond her "initial reluctance and focused on the tangle itself" she "found her stroke".

Again, a wonderful example of pushing through initial reluctance and tangling on.  The result is inspiring.  
She adds, "I've added a little nod to my American Zentangle friends!"  Thank you for the Thanksgiving treat!

Mindy said that Heartstrings was "an especially rhythmic, soothing pattern" for her. 
She loved the feel of drawing this tangle - and it shows.  Mindy thickened the outside line on the left side of the tangle and what a beautiful effect that has.  It's light and it's airy, but anchored with the darkened edge - fantastic!

Sue Jacobs is amazing with her colors -
She said that though she hadn't tried this tangle before, she found it to be "so relaxing" andshe is "sure to use it again."  She changed the color of the pen she used when she came to the string line and the result is simply beautiful and uniquely Sue.

Sue Agnew said, "This was a fun one.  The hearts change a lot depending on how they're striped."  She said that she is "apparently addicted to sparkle" and so was determined not to use it, but in the end she "couldn't resist."
And we are all glad you didn't, Sue.  Sparkle is part of Sue's signature style - simply sensational!

Jackie said that she knows she is "hooked on this stuff when her dinner is ready" and she "covers it with foil" just so she can finish up the challenge...we can all relate!
Good thing dinner was pushed aside and we get to view the result.  Jackie used aura around Heartstrings and then darkened in the negative space.  She also shaded and added sparkle for just the right touch - beautiful!

Audrie Weisenfelder said that she "really loved" this tangle pattern;  "it's so versatile, and so simple to draw."
The result of her enjoyment is pictured here - so very pretty and detailed.  It looks like it was relaxing to draw!

Carolyn Russell's tile will just make you smile -

Her tangleations are so much fun.  She includes many little and pleasing details to this tile - it is just so inviting and warm and full of tangled joy!

This week's tile set aside for honors this week was sent in by Vicky Brison - of #12 fame... 
Vicky said that she loves Heartstrings and uses it often.  She had fun playing with it and tried to "get some 3-D stuff going on with it."
The use of other tangles in between the lines of the Heartstrings is mesmerizing.  What a fabulous idea and what gorgeous results.  Thank you Vicky for stretching our imaginations!
I have a little something coming in the mail for you.
Many thanks to all of you for sending in your notes and tiles - they stole my heart :)

Thank you, Helen Williams, for creating such a lovely pattern in Heartstrings.

Thank you to Sandy Hunter, CZT via Tangle Patterns for String 018.

Check back tomorrow for "It's a String Thing" #17!

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  1. Lovely to see them all but really blown away by Vicky's tile! Axxx