Monday, December 23, 2013

"It's a String Thing(less)" #19 Tiles

"Oh what fun it is..."

I put out last week's challenge very sure that in the midst of this "most wonderful time of the year", the most passionate of tanglers would respond - and here they are!

Joan Delony said that she is taking time to tangle everyday because it "keeps her sane".  Look at these Christmas treats from her:

After Joan sent the third tile, I told her that she could have her own greeting card company!  Her lettering has a happy feel and she has a delicate touch with her pen.  Just lovely.

Sue Agnew said that she used this challenge as an opportunity to use one of her favorite grid-based tangles, Dex.  She said, "First I imagined a grid, with the circles being transparent and showing the grid through, if that makes sense.  It didn't come out looking like I'd expected (looks like soccer balls), so then I tried showing the entire grid with opaque holiday garlands in front of it."

She also went on to say that, "Holiday Garland was much easier once I realized that you don't have to stack the circles diagonally- you can stack them vertically/horizontally and then just connect them diagonally!"

Thank you Sue, those two tangles look beautiful together.

Now this is exciting - the next tile is from Annmarie, a talented tangler from the Netherlands.

A You can click here to see this tile posted on her blog.  She has a wonderful collection of work and it's an honor to have her join us.

Sue Jacobs said that she "ran with the ornament idea" and created a sampler of tangles.  She had fun creating this - 
What a fun and festive tile it is!  The stippled background makes the tangled ornaments really stand out and see the holly popping through - what a treat.

A very warm welcome to Sue Green.  She said that she loved how the "1940/50's Christmas Ornaments so jumped right in with them."

What a happy thought - that they just jumped right into her tangles.  It's such a colorful treat.

A huge thank you for sending in your tangles during such a happy, busy time.

As a special treat, I am going to send a little some thing to all five holiday tanglers this week.

Merry Christmas!

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