Monday, December 16, 2013

"It's a String Thing" # 18 Tiles

Oh what fun it is... see the results of this week's challenge!

The first tiles arrived from Jenna Wheatman -

Jenna captured her tile before and after she added color.  She layered Verdigogh with a poem for the her holiday wishes.  It's beautiful.
Jenna has a wonderful blog and you can see more of her work by clicking here.

Jackie Becker has a party going on with her Verdigogh -

She said that initially she was excited to see the simplicity of the string and the tangle this week and had a"grand vision of an elegant minimalist tangle."  She surprised herself when this "came out"!  It's a wonderful take on the tangle and it captures the Christmas cheer!

Ragged Ray's tile is multi-layered.  She writes, "Lovely Verdigogh - such an encouraging tangle, the more random it comes out the more natural it looks!"

She added that as she readies for Christmas, she is making gift tags and that "has no doubt influenced my tile this week!"  The details in this are just so lovely - the layering, dark background, touch of red - delightful!

Sue Agnew said that Verdigogh is one of her favorite patterns and it shows:

 It is remarkable how she created the tangle from the center making it appear like all one line.  These are just such happy tiles - every little detail is happiness.  Thank you for the treat, Sue!

Cathy Cusson has a light and lovely touch with Verdigogh  - 
She added delicate and wispy tangles to her background and the result is so very pretty.  Her shading adds just the right touch too.  

Audrie Weisenfelder chose a winter-y  blue paper and used Metallic Gelly Roll pens:

She mentioned that her second tile was a "bit heavy handed" but sent it along anyway.  Thank you for sending it!  It has an almost stained glass look to it with the thicker lines and added color - very seasonal.
The photos do not do the metallic pens justice, but the sparkle and shine of them must be very pretty in person.

Vicky Brison's tile just looks like fun -  

She added a variety of tangles to Verdigogh and was reminded of her garden when she finished - her frozen garden she adds. Brrr!   This tile looks like the promise of Spring when you consider the harsh winter is here for some!

Mindy says that good things come in three's - and indeed they do:   

She has three accompanying patterns here for Verdigogh  - each with a lovely rounded look to compliment the main tangle.  Mindy has a way of adding dimension with the simplest of lines.  Notice how her 'branches' of  Verdigogh appear to bend and tuck - thank you Mindy!  

Joan Delony is the artist behind the tiles set aside for honors this week -

She sent in the first one early in the week and a few days later another arrived.  There is an elegance to her lines in Veridgogh that draws the eye to view the tangle as a whole not so much the individual lines.  She added a touch of Christmas cheer to each and the results are simply elegant.

Thank you, Joan.   I'll be sending a little something in the mail to you.

Thank you to all the talented tanglers who sent in their work this week for the rest of us to learn from AND enjoy.

Thank you to Linda Farmer for her wonderful collection of patterns and strings and to Maria Thomas for the lovely Verdigogh.

I will be posting "It's a String Thing" #19 tomorrow.  It will be fun and festive - and just simple and relaxing enough to fit into your busy week, I promise!

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Thank you!

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  1. Lovely tangles on Verdigogh this week, Adele - I love them all! Thanks for putting the links to a blog where you have it - I hope everyone will share that in future! I did lots of Verdigoghs this week but didn't send any in as I was busy when I should have sent them! I also wondered whether you are left-handed as the string you gave us went in the opposite direction to the one I normally draw Verdigogh in...just curious! Axxx