Monday, September 23, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #6 Tiles

Happy Monday to everyone, and Happy Fall!  These tiles are sure to make you smile. 

The first two were sent in by Carolyn Russell who was featured in my August 8th post

Talk about adventuresome - Carolyn and her friend left their husbands behind and set out on a three week motorcycle trip.  Now that lends a whole new meaning to a 'Girl's Get-a-way'.  By the time she sent these tiles from a hotel somewhere in Ohio last Wednesday, they had already been through 13 states with more road ahead of them.  Imagine!

Here is what Carolyn wrote about this next tile:
"As we ride over country roads I see tent worms making their home in the occasional trees.  As I started this one Betweed reminded me of those tents built miraculously and stretched between the branches. The Barberpole turned into the builders."
Safe travels, Carolyn and thank you for the beautiful tiles.

Cheryl Rotnem sent in this pretty pink-accented tangle:
I spy Sandy Bartholomew's Bauer, Ballot, and Bannah in Cheryl's tile - layered and shaded nicely with a sense of depth.  Very nice!

Brenda Urbanik said she appreciated this challenge because she only knew one of the patterns "that fit the bill".  Her tile is proof that she is a fast learner! 

Her Baton is nicely detailed and notice how she finished Bales - a really special touch.  As an added bonus, she wrote about completing this tile on her blog called Infinite Possibilities.  Take time to visit her site, especially if you enjoy card making - her work is exquisite. 
Sue Jacobs wrote, "Lots of  fun tangles with 'Ba' Thanks for the idea!"  And lots of tangles is what she used - isn't it lovely?
Sue's neat, clean lines along with her use of shading and pattern choice make this one of my favorite tiles.  Sue featured her tile on her blog last week, be sure to take a look.   Thank you Sue!

Jackie Becker wrote,
"Here is my latest attempt. My tastes lean toward minimalist so you can imagine I feel like this one is a bit too crazy. But, it was fun nonetheless."

Yes, this is FUN!  And proof that Zentangle® magic unfolds one stroke at a time.  There is a pleasant mixture of curved and straight lines here - very nicely done!

Sue Agnew wrote, "This is fun because it gets me out of my comfort zone. I really really tried this week to transcend my need for edges, but I ended up with two things that wanted to go behind each other (the partial "squares" of Bales/Batch and the lines of Baton). I finally had to end some of the Baton lines so they could overlap forward of the partial squares."

Sue ended up with a gorgeous tile and as she noted, using the Baton to push into the Bales softened the edges just so.  Note how she varied the curved lines on Bales and the added sparkle - just beautiful!

There are two tiles this week to single out for honors.  The first one is from Mindy:
Mindy has worked her magic again, this time using bold contrast, highlights and shading, and varying curves and widths in her tangle patterns.  The result is magical and mesmerizing.  Thank you Mindy.

 The next honoree is Caitlin Elliott. Every look at her tile reveals more and more detail:
Take Caitlin's Bales for example:  She used aura and then darkened in the corners to add an entirely new look to the tangle - just marvelous!  Thank you Caitlin for sharing your beautiful work.

I have a little something coming in the mail for Mindy and Caitlin.

Many thanks to the creative minds behind the tangles used in this week's challenge (with apologies to anyone I may have overlooked):

Bales - Zentangle
Barberpole  and Basketweave - Suzanne McNeill, CZT
Bateek - Linda Farmer, CZT
Baton - Carole Ohl
Ballot, Bambu, Bannah, Bauer - Sandy Bartholomew, CZT

Thank you to all the talented tanglers for sending in your works of art. I know that you have inspired countless readers.  Check back tomorrow for
"It's a String Thing" #7 !

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