Monday, September 30, 2013

"It's a String Thing" #7 Tiles

Happy Monday to you - time for some Minouche monotangle results.

I must thank this week's participants for sending in their treasures - and from distant shores at that.  There are submissions this week from many states as well as from South Africa and England. 

My grandmother was fond of saying that music was the universal language.  I think that Zentangle® is earning that reputation one tile at a time!

This first tile is from Caitlin Elliott:
There are many delightful details in Caitlin's work:  the varied line thickness, the curved lines that indicate a shadow, and the countless fine lines in the center.  Just beautiful!

This is from Sue Agnew:


Sue came up with some very pleasing variations of Minouche.  She used different grid sizes, wonderful line work, and left the center blank - a dramatic effect!

This submission was signed from Ragged Ray:
Amazingly, this tangler is self taught.  Look at this pretty pattern work.  The use of a smaller grid on the string line, the 'mini Minouche', the aura on both sides, and the added shadow make it appear lace-like.  What a delightful tile!

Brenda Urbanik sent in this:
See how she used the tangle in the middle section, isolated a bit of it, and used it in either corner - a clever idea!  The darker squares vary in size on the opposite corners add a nice touch, as does the way the pattern is pushed to the edges of the tile.  Very nice!

Mindy sent in this lovely tile:
She wrote, "As I drew this tile, Minouche's whiskers appeared among the flower petals of Matisses's garden.  How fun!"
How fun and how poetic, Mindy. 
With line direction, thin and thickness, shading, and white space, Mindy added depth, dimension, and so much loveliness in this one place.  Gorgeous!

Deanna Spence sent this 'feast for the eyes':
Just look at all of those tangles.  They should make Nathalie Marinoff, CZT, the creator of Minouche very happy and proud.  Deanna's use of contrast (light and dark, dense and airy, bold and light) enhances the tile's pleasing design.  So, so pretty!

This is Joan Delony's tile:
Joan's center string section really grabs the eye and sends it off into the other sections, doesn't it?  Her takes on Minouche work so well together.  The darkened horizontal section - pictured on the top of her tile - adds a really nice touch.  Wonderful work!

Sue Jacobs submitted the tile of honor this week:
Isn't this lovely?
Sue really took this challenge in many different directions.  Not only did she create very pleasing pattern variations, her lines are simple and elegant and her use of color made this tile a stand out.  I have a little something coming in the mail for you, Sue.

And now a confession of sorts...Sue won me over this time.
When people ask me if I ever use color when working on tiles, my answer is always that I am a purist when it comes to Zentangle.  My use of color comes in ZIA pieces, but not on tiles.

Through Sue's piece, I can see how color can be used so beautifully on a tile.  Thank you, Sue!

Many thanks to the talented tanglers (are there any other kind?) for your tile treasures this week. 

From your accompanying notes, I learned that the process brings confidence to try new things, challenges to face and conquer, peace of mind, and comfort for the heart. 

Thank you for encouraging countless others, myself included, with your artwork. 

Many thanks to:
Nathalie Marinoff, CZT for Minouche
Hope Martin and Linda Farmer, CZT for String 008


  1. There are some really beautiful creations to behold here Adele! I also love the impact of the colour that Sue added. I am always amazed at the different interpretations, everyone so unique.

  2. It's so amazing to see the variety possible from just one tangle. Every tile has something that makes me go - oh, I like that, might try that!