Thursday, September 26, 2013

Floatfest Revisited

After my second post about the fabulous Floatfest by CZT® Carole Ohl, I was asked to post more details about how I carried the pattern from one tile to the next.  I'll review the making of this collage with a few more details to answer this.

This is what the finished four tiles looked like together:

By Adele Bruno, CZT® 
To begin, I placed the four tiles together and drew the inner circular string line to insure the design would match up when all the tiles were complete.

From there, I tangled the top left tile (pictured above).  When layering the arcs, I drew them going off the edge of the tile on both sides. 

Once that tile was complete, I placed it side-by-side with the next one (top right) and then continued the arcs(left to right) from the center most row and worked upward.  I ran the arcs off the tile on the right side - in the same manner as before.

I repeated that process for the third tile (bottom right).

The process for the fourth tile was just a bit different.  In order to have a uniform flow to the tangle, I lined the tile up with both neighboring tiles before continuing the pattern.

Visit my earlier posts - Fun with Floatfest and Floatfest Revisited - for more details on the pattern variations.

Thank you for asking and if you come up with your own variations on this tangle - send them to me and I may use them in a future post.

Tangle on!

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  1. Gasp. This is fabulous. Going to try this technique. ...soon as I finish the nine piece ensemble I've been working on FOR A YEAR.