Thursday, August 8, 2013


If this tile could talk, it would tell you that it has given wings to it's creator. 

In a Basics class last month, I had the pleasure of teaching a wonderful group of women, one of whom was Carolyn, a retired school teacher from the Pittsburgh area.  (A mention of the city always wins my heart!)

The class discussion about Zentangle®  and the philosophy of no mistakes only creative opportunities, eraser-less pencils, etc. (see yesterday's post:Wednesday's Words of Wisdom) was well noted and appreciated by the time the first tiles were completed.  There was magic in the air by the start of our second tile. 

I instructed the class through the dots, border, string, and the first tangle pattern. On to the second tangle and from her corner of the table, Carolyn blurted out, "Oh, I made a mistake!"

Without missing a beat, the class encouraged and reminded her that there would be none of that!

We had a good laugh, finished up our time together, and everyone took their second tile home to complete.

The next day, Carolyn sent the above photo.  It took my breath away.

 As I write, she is cruising and tangling her way through Alaska.  I texted Carolyn last evening to ask permission to use her work in today's post.  Her reply: 

"I would be honored for you to use it.  That tile gave me wings."

Ah!  The joy of Zentangle carries on.  Thank you Carolyn.

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