Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun with Floatfest

I stumbled upon the tangle pattern Floatfest by Carole Ohl, CZT sometime last year.  It remains one of my favorite.  It has the element of cleverness that makes it feel like magic when it all comes together.

Carole Ohl's blog is called Open Seed Arts.  Her work is really lovely.  You may know her as the author of the Tangle-a-Day Calendars and she has them available on her website.

On to the pattern - here are my initial notes about Floatfest as I learned the tangle:
The absolute key to this - when adding arcs - is to 'piggy back' from the previous one.  Sounds simple, but I created quite a tangled mess when I didn't do that :)
 On a long flight recently, I had time to play around with this tangle and had fun thinking of variations on the theme.  What if the top of each arc looked a bit like folded ribbon? 
What if the top of each arc was a bit different shape like this?
Or this?
Or this?

When I demonstrated this tangle at a recent open studio, Mindy (of 'It's a String Thing" #2 fame!) suggested that the original design could be kept and still have the effect of a fold:
My head is still swimming with possibilities!  Here are a few tiles of mine using some creative license:
I liked how the ribbon effect works on this.  Shading in Hollibaugh fashion added depth.
This one is my favorite:

For this I combined Carole's Floatfest with Sandy Bartholomew's Pearlz.
Many thanks to Carole Ohl, CZT for such a magical tangle pattern!


  1. Oh I think these variations are simply super. I agree with you that my favorite one is the 2nd one using the Pearlz pattern from Sandra Barthomew.

  2. Great post, Adele! Saving these fabulous ideas for future reference and practice. I'm so glad I have you to think outside the Floatfest Box...because I'd have never done it on my own!

  3. Ooh Adele! That last one is my favourite too! Just so striking with the darkening of the negative space as you said but the addition of those Pearlz just takes this whole design up a notch! Again, thank you for your wonderful explanations!

  4. Beautiful, Adele!! I love the ribbon effect and the Pearlz addition. I am inspired! Thank you.