Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."  ~Lao Tzu

How about a journey of over seven thousand miles that began with one stroke?

Over seven thousand miles separate Japanese artist and junior high school teacher, Lovelygiraffe (her internet pseudo name), and myself.  And with just a few pen strokes, our world's united through "It's a String Thing".   

Lovelygiraffe began participating in IAST early in February of this year and her tile was honored in IAST #184.  After several email exchanges, she sent these inspiring photographs and the story behind them.  I asked permission to pass them along, and here they are ~

Staircase tangles by the students of Lovelygiraffe in Hokkaidou, Japan

Staircase tangles by the students of Lovelygiraffe in Hokkaidou, Japan

Lovelygiraffe filled a void in after school club activities and offered a class in Zentangle. She wrote that the students "were crazy about Zentangle" and that "the after-school art room was silent when [the students were tangling]." 

She took the students' tangled squares, mounted them on colored paper, laminated them, and attached them to the risers on the school staircase -"Staircase art", she dubbed it.

While the after-school club activities have ended, Lovelygiraffe continues studying and tangling on her own and hopes to become a CZT someday.

 In the meantime, as she wrote, she "encountered" my blog "and got the opportunity to learn further."  She said, "I am filled with gratitude."

My sentiments exactly, I am filled with gratitude.  Thank you, Lovelygiraffe and please thank your students.   Their work is beautiful!


  1. Thank you for this lovely story. Beautiful tiles! Congratulations to Lovelygiraffe and her students 💕

  2. These are beautiful pictures and I think Lovelygiraffe has a lot of talent. I wish her success and thank you Adele for this nice post!

  3. Thank you for introducing me and my students' efforts. The stair art of zentangle has introduced a lot of new members to our club activities. I am looking forward to seeing the students going up this staircase to take an art class. I am happy to meet zentangle and this site!