Friday, October 28, 2016

Fractivity for a Friday

It's Friday.
It's Fall.
It's time or some Fractivity!

Each year, as November nears, I begin to prepare a class on Fractals.  I choose a few patterns that lend themselves to the concept and tangle them on Renaissance tiles.

My past posts about fractals can be found if you click here and click here.  In the first, I wrote that fractals use a repeating pattern of the same initial shape - or line configuration. Each additional layer sprouts into the same pattern only on a smaller scale.

For IAST #167, CZT Nadine Roller's Winflo was featured.  The more I studied the fabulous results, the more the tangle looked as though it could morph into a fractal.

Here are the 'bare bones' step-by-step illustrations of my first Winflo fractal variation:

Begin with one large orb of the pattern with two wings and two stems:              

From each of the stems, two new orbs and sets of stems emerge, slightly smaller that the original ~

From each of these four new stems, two more branch out - again, slightly smaller than the previous ~

And so on...

Don't you love how that grows?  

The same idea can be applied to a three stemmed Winflo ~

From one large orb and set of wings, three stems branch out.  On each of these, an orb with wings will branch out into three more stems ~

And so on...
How much it grows is up to you.

When I began this tile...
...I started with a two stemmed version, but quickly realized that there was more room than I wanted in between them.  I popped in another stem and voila! - the three stemmed Winflo fractal appeared :)

Have a great time playing with this and have a wonderful weekend!