Friday, February 21, 2014

I've Been Robbed!

That's how I felt when I read Marie Browning's book Time to Tangle with Colors.  On page 38 she describes fractal trees and ferns.  Fractals?

How is it possible that I had never heard of them before?  How is it possible that I've lived this long and never came across them before?  How is is possible that I've been drawing trees for decades and I never knew of such a thing?

I've been robbed!

The only thing left to do is make up for lost time.  I've been penning fractal trees on every piece of paper within reach, showing anyone who will indulge me.  About sixty percent of the time I hear, "Yes, I love fractals - been drawing them for years."

Where have I been?!

Learning something new is very invigorating though, and fractal trees have quickly moved up on my list of favorite things to draw.

My tile du jour is a thank you to Marie for enlightening me - and for her wonderful book, too!

Adele Bruno, CZT

If you, like me, are new to this whole concept, I will post my notes about fractals along with a few more examples on Thursday.

Enjoy your weekend - and take some time to tangle!


  1. Oh you have my deepest commiserations! I have loved fractals since before I heard of Zentangle....but you´ve inspired me to go back and have another look at some of the amazing ones that exist in nature. Here is a link to my other blog where I wrote about fractals a while´ll see some of the fantastic patterns that exist.

    1. Thank you for the empathy Annie :) I enjoyed your post and photos.

  2. Hi Adele! Love it - I brought her book with me to the beach house this weekend so I must read up on these wonderful trees! What is that pattern that makes up the sky?

    1. A word of warning about those trees - they're addicting! The sky is an official Zentangle pattern called Courant - one of my favorite fillers. It would be in your Zenthology.

  3. I discovered fractal trees recently too, but I don't think it was through Marie. In any case, I love them, but don't seem to be very good a doing them! Must try harder...

  4. I vaguely recall some sciencey / techie friends mentioning fractals a long time ago. But that's where my knowledge ends. I can't wait to hear more about them.

    Also I love the way you make Courant look - it never looks good when I try to do it.

  5. Thank you Adele - I searched the internet after reading your post. Check out this